Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Strange Murals in Bank of America Corprate Center

Bank of  America Corporate Center is located in the heart of the Charlotte, NC and is the largest building in the nation's skyline between Philadelphia and Atlanta.  What is curious about the building, which completed construction in 1992, are the three murals available for public viewing in the main lobby, and as shown at the bottom of this post.

The murals are full of masonic symbolism, from pyramids, to eclipses, to people on puppet strings.  The sequences of the murals suggests a short story in which the first of three murals portrays a global maneuvering of sorts between business types.  The second mural depicts a scene of chaos in which military soldiers and men in hazard suits are shown fighting through a crowd of chaos.  The third and final mural displays a society of laborers, accompanied by a background of destruction.  Whatever the outcome of this short story, it doesn't look like the laborers are very content.

Is it possible, that these murals foretell an event that could occur within the confines of Charlotte, NC?  Time will tell.

Please take the time to examine these murals from the Bank of America Corporate Center, located in Charlotte, NC.  They are shown from top to bottom, as they are shown from left to right in the building itself.


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