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11/19, Knights of Templar Information Awareness Day

In the year 1119, a French nobleman by the name of Hugh de Payens, along with 8 of his closest companions, formed what came to be known as the Knights of Templar, who abided by an ancient code, of 72 rules.  (Numerology is important for this read, and simple to understand if you're not familiar with it.  What you do is add the numbers, as single digits, so in the case of 72, it becomes 7+2 = 9.  And as you'll see, this number, as well as some others, have meanings to secret societies, that are not really known or discussed by most within the general public today, yet are still commonly occurring, in curious places.  Also, keep "9" in mind as you read this tribute to today's date, which adds up as follows 11-19-2013 = 1+1+1+9+2+0+1+3 = 18 + 1+8 = 9) Without further ado, the bond between the 9 Knights did not start in 1119 however, it came to be in the year 1111.  Thus, these 9 Knights existed for 9 years, before expanding their brotherhood in the year 1119.  The Knights of Templar's symbol, a red cross, not unlike that of the American Red Cross, is very much prevalent today.

  • Knight = 2+5+9+6+7+2 = 33
  • Templar = 2+5+4+7+3+1+9 = 31
  • 31-33 are the ranging degrees of Scottish Rite Freemasonry

As we often see the Red Cross, especially in times of tragedy, we also see the numbers 9 and 11.  For starters, let us look at what some might consider the most infamous date in the history of this country, September 11th, better known as 9/11.  This is the 254th day of the year.  In numerology, you add 2+5+4=11.  After September 11th, there are 111 remaining days in the year.  As we all know, the 9/11 attacks took place in New York City, which is located in the 11th State to endorse the United States Constitution.  The two towers that were attacked, were essentially, a large standing 11.  Each building was 110 stories tall.  When they collapsed to the ground, the first tower to fall did so in 11 seconds, and the second tower in 9 seconds.

Not far from the World Trade Centers, is the Statue of Liberty, a Masonic structure.  Please note, the modern era of Freemasons have adopted the Templar Code.  The Statue of Liberty stands on a 11-point foundation, that was once the center of Fort Wood.  Ground was first broken for the foundation of the Statue of Liberty on April 18, 1883.  4/18/1883 = 4+1+8+1+8+8+3 = 33 (An interval of 11, and a number we will come back to in a moment).  The pedestal of the Statue, is 29 feet in height.  2+9 = 11.  The statue was completed on October 28th.  1+0+2+8 = 11.  Also of historical importance, the Statue was accepted from France in a vote by Congress on February 22nd, 1877.  2+2+2+1+8+7+7 = 29.  2+9 = 11.

With regards to the number 33, construction began on the World Trade Center in 1968, the same year 9-1-1 was made the national emergency dialing code.  33 years later, the two seemingly separate identities would become joined in infamy, as the towers collapsed to the ground at free fall speed, in an event that would be televised and programmed into people's minds for years to come.  Looking more carefully at the early days of the World Trade Center, the Port Authority of New York officially endorsed the plan for the construction of building on March 11th, 1961, at the suggestion of David Rockefeller, who is accused of being an insider on the 9/11 attacks

With regards to March 11, 1961, notice the 11th day, in a date that adds up to 22 (3+1+1+1+9+6+1) using numerology, a number that is part of the sacred trilogy of 11, 22, 33 and more.  The budget for the construction of the World Trade Center  complex was $335 million.  Can you see it already?  3+3+5 = 11.  The site of the structure was built on a landfill, 65 feet below grade.  6+5 =11.  The ground for the construction was dedicated on August 5th, 1966.  Using numerology, you get nothing curious from this date, except for the year 66, which has much significance to the Jews and Romans, as well as our current calendar, and is also a factor of 11.  Speaking of calendars, the Republic of China's calendar also gets in on this 11 action, see here.  Is it not strange?

If you don't think that is strange, you surely will find the following curious.  It is reported that American Airlines, Flight 11, with a 11 crew members and 81 passengers, was the first plane to strike the North Tower.  Let us carefully examine all of the number codes within this information, and let us also remember that this flight was referred to in the media often as AA-11.  A is the first letter in the alphabet, thus A = 1.  In other words, this flight could also be written as 11-11 instead of AA-11.  Aside from the 11 crew members on board, there were 92 (11 + 81) total passengers.  9+2 = 11.

Six months after the attacks, on March 11th, 2002, the Tribute in Light was launched, sending two giant blue beams that looked like 11s in the night sky into space from 6:30 pm until 11:00 pm, and it ran for exactly 33 days, until its conclusion, the night of April 14th, 2002.  Do you see what is curious about the time 6:30?  I know you see what is curious about 11:00.  As for 33, please see my previous blog post on this subject here.

With regards to April 14th, this is also the night the Titanic sunk, killing three of the world's richest men, and Abraham Lincoln was shot.  With regards to the number 33, it is directly tied to the Bible, Islam, the Freemasons (a secret society with direct ties to the Knights of Templar), and the World Trade Center buildings themselves, which existed for 33 years before their destruction.  For more on the number 33, and its relation from triangles/pyramids to Masons, please read more from Wikipedia here.

After the September 11th attacks, the next major report of terrorism came on March 11, 2004, when trains in Madrid were bombed.  Not by accident, this day is exactly 911 days after 9/11/2001Prove it here.  Even spookier, on this same date, the Wall Street Journal reported that Larry Silverstein, purchased the Sears Tower in Chicago.  Who is Larry Silverstein?  He is the same man who became the owner of the World Trade Center on July 24th, 2001, taking control from the Port Authority, who previously owned the building from its inception until the day Larry Silverstein became owner, just 49 days before the collapse.

In 2006, you may recall the FBI's stopping of a terrorist plot against the Sears Tower, involving the Liberty 7.  If you take the time to examine the ages, and names of these seven accused men, you will see several curiosities, from ages of 33, to ages that add up to 11, to Rothschilds.

This pattern didn't end there, and has since persisted.  The 7/7 London bombings took place at 8:49, or, 11 until 9.  You may also recall that the Berlin Wall fell on 11/9.  If you look through history, you'll be sure to find many more of these bizarre curiosities.  It should also be noted, that World War I ended on the eleventh day, of the eleventh month, at the eleventh hour, thus giving birth to the holiday Armistice Day, which we now celebrate as Veteran's Day.  11+11+11 = 33.  The first President of the United States was the first of many 33rd Degree Masons.  The State named after him, Washington State, is the only state to earn its statehood on 11/11.

So long as the world keeps turning, and the Masons keep ruling, we will likely see many more dates and times that correspond with these numbers.  If there are any you are aware of, or would like to share, please feel free to comment.  Thank you for reading!

Little known fact:  National Treasure debuted on November 19th, 2004, a Disney Movie, giving tribute to the Knights of Templar and Freemasons.  That movie was released 9 years ago today.  It also heavily linked Charlotte and Boston, two cities that have had very much in common this past weekend, sharing a Marathon and a Monday Night Football game.
Little known fact #2:  The Fukushima nuclear cleanup projected, slated to last until at least the end of 2014, began its cleanup yesterday, 983 days after the 3/11/11 disaster, created by the tsunami hitting Japan after a reported 9.1 magnitude earthquake.  Little know fact #3:  Yesterday was the 322nd day of the year.

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