Thursday, November 21, 2013

Skyfall 007 and Illuminati Symbolism

Skyfall is the latest 007 movie, in a long lineage of movies.  What is unique about this one, is it is the first time James Bond has been played by a Jewish actor.  It is also the first 007 title to proclaim the sky is falling.  Without getting too deep into the movie, or all of the symbolism, what I would like to do in this post, is have you examine this imagery from the thirteenth minute of the movie, when the opening introduction concludes, as displayed.

These images are shown after James Bond is accidentally shot, and his body falls hundreds of feet from a canyon above, to a river below.  Notice two things in the picture, the sequence begins at the thirteenth minute, and the movie is 2 hours and 23 minutes long, or the number 322 backwards.  If you've read this blog, you know the significance of this number.

Within the second image, is a trickier message to decipher.  It is a block of letters and numbers on the jacket of Bond's suit, reading: K3 and D5.  To translate this, we must look at what number corresponds with what letter in the alphabet.  In the case of K, it is the eleventh letter.  In other words, K3 could be written as 113.  It could also represent 11-11-11, or KKK.  The value of 11/3 could also potentially mean March 11th, or November 3rd.  There is also the possible 11x3=33.

As for D5, D represents the fourth letter in the alphabet.  D5 in turn, could represent the number 45, or 4+5 = 9. 

Thus, from this combination of letters, we can decipher 9, 11 and 3.  Depending on how you decipher the numbers and letters, this could be another hidden message giving tribute to the date's March 11th and September 11th, or 3/11 and 9/11.  Why would they do that you ask?  Because they are the Illuminati, and they love to give tribute to themselves, and their planned events whenever and wherever possible.  As written about before, the 93 WTC attacks and the 9/11 attacks were 3,119 days apart- again, a number where you can decipher both 3/11 and 11/9 from within it.  With regards to 3/11 and 9/11, it may pertain to Fukushima as well.  That disaster began on 3/11/11, and in the Bible, it says the event that will bring the end of the age, will last 42 months.  42 months after 3/11/11 is 9/11/14.  Coincidence?  Maybe.  But on the 322nd day of the year, November 18th, 2013, the international community began the most dangerous environmental cleanup project in the history of the planet when they began disassembling the broken nuclear facility at Fukushima.

Skyfall was released on November 9th, 2012.  In other words, it was released on 11/9/2012.  To some, this date, written in this sequence, could also signify September 11th, which was a day where it seemed like the sky truly was falling, and a day that happened 11 years prior to the release of this movie.

These hidden numbers are not unique to this movie, and if you train your eye, you will see them more and more often.  The Illuminati is real, and they control much of the media you view and consume, from movies to news.   Once you know what to look for, you'll find it.

Last point.  As Bond falls through the water in this cinematic opening, he plunges into a sinkhole.  It is not a plot point in the movie, just a visual experience for those watching.  Sinkholes however, seem to be an ever growing media story in our news network.  From 3/11/2013, here is a story released by the USGS on the science of sinkholes.  Again, don't overlook the date the story was released, as it is one tied to the birth of the WTC buildings, the Fukushima disaster, and a whole lot more.

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