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FUKUSHIMA REVISTED: Was the ultimate 322 plot unleashed yesterday, November 18, 2013?

On March 11, 2011, the nuclear plant at Fukushima, located in Japan, began leaking into the Pacific Ocean after a tsunami devastated the nation and nuclear plant facility.  Earlier this year, 2013, it was reported that Fukushima has become the worst nuclear disaster in the history of the planet, surpassing the damage done from the Chernobyl accident.  Sadly, the damage is still ongoing.  The Fukushima catastrophe has also been described as the worst disaster in the history of the planet, only rivaled by the "4/20 Spill", which took place on 4/20/2010, in the Gulf of Mexico, when the Deepwater Horizon drilling platform failed.  The failure caused a massive leak to erupt, pouring oil from the seabed floor directly into the Gulf at a nearly unstoppable rate, creating the worst oil spill in the history of the planet, that still to this day is ongoing, albeit, at a much slower rate.

What is also curious about the Gulf Oil spill, is how Halliburton purchased the world's biggest oil cleanup company, Boots and Coots, just days before the spill, and was awarded the government cleanup contract immediately after the spill, in turn making a very large profit out of environmental disaster.  It makes one wonder, could it have been known in advance that the spill was going to take place?  It makes one wonder further, could such an event be orchestrated as an intentional act?  What could possibly be the motives?  Money?  Sure.  What about destroying a region, so that in the future, there will be less resistance based on environmental grounds to the constructions of super refineries, that refine tar-sands oil from Canada, carried across the United States by giant pipelines, for global markets?  It is plausible, and would also come back to the reason of money.  After all, we do live in a world that is largely dominated by both money and oil, two key players in this event.  It should also be noted, the part that failed on the Deepwater Horizon, was made by Halliburton, the same company who was awarded the cleanup contract, and the same company that was formerly owned by Vice President Dick Cheney.  Halliburton was even forced to pay a fine for destroying evidence on the matter.

The Gulf Oil Spill, for the purpose of this article, reminds us that in recent history we suffered another major disaster that hurt our planet, especially our dying oceans.  It also reminds us that there is a possibility foul play was at work, and the act was intentional, instead of the accident we were told it was.  So could it also be true that the Fukushima incident was not an accident, but by design?  Crazy you say?  I can hear you now:  "Sheer lunacy!  It was caused by an earthquake!  How could it have been by design?"

Well, there's an answer.  That answer is HAARP, or the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project, which was established by the military in 1993, but really has its roots in the beginning of the Cold War, and even much earlier, with Russian Scientist, Nikola Tesla.  HAARP uses ELF waves, or extremely low frequency waves.  In 1901, Tesla wrote that these waves, if made powerful enough through concentration, had the capacity to split the earth in two.  Essentially, HAARP is Tesla's warning realized.  This facility sends ELF waves into the ionosphere, where our government supposedly does "research projects" on how the waves impact weather, and our ionosphere itself.  Keep in mind, we are now in the twentieth year of this "research project", and since its inception, many identical facilities have been built across the globe. 

When EFL waves are sent towards space via HAARP, the waves bounce back towards earth after colliding with the ionosphere.  What they do when they return to earth, is unclear- however, if you listen to what Tesla said they could do, you might gather the idea that they could "rattle the planet".  ELF waves are also used by geologists, on astronomically smaller scales than HAARP, for the purpose of finding out what is beneath the earth's surface, much the same way sonar works.  Some of these geologists have even reported that they believe they caused earthquakes accidentally while using this technology.

Please investigate HAARP further if you have more questions.  Jesse Ventura has even filmed an Episode on his television show, Conspiracy Theory, about this very topic.  That episode can be watched at the end of this post, via YouTube.  In the future, I will also write more about HAARP.  For now however, I want to get to the point of this post.

Yesterday, November 18th, 2013, the 322nd day of the year, I feared something terrible might happen, especially in the Carolinas.  While nothing seemingly happened there, something large did happen in the world, and that large event had to do with Fukushima.  The planned cleanup drill, dubbed by some as the most dangerous cleanup drill in the history of the planet, began.  Tokyo Electric Power successfully removed the first of thousands of nuclear fuel rods from the wrecked nuclear facility.  The project is estimated to continue through the end of 2014, possibly longer.  In other words, there is a long period of time, and a whole lot of potential, for the worst disaster in the history of humanity, to occur.

If you've read my blog, you're familiar with the numbers 33 and 322; you're also familiar with the Georgia Guidestones.  With regards to the Guidestones, they were placed where they are on March 22nd, 1980- 33 years ago.  The first rule on the Guidestones is "Maintain the earth's population at 500,000,000."  In order for the earth's population to be maintained at 500 million people, that would mean 13 out of every 14 people would need to die at this moment in history.

What kind of event could cause such a thing?  How about a nuclear fallout, whether it is caused by missiles, or nuclear reactors?  While the thought of such an event occurring is pretty far out, it is also plausible.  Whether we want to acknowledge it or not, nuclear radiation kills, as is known by citizens of Japan more than any other, but also other residents of the globe who have had to suffer through nuclear/radioactive disasters.

For any of this to make sense, you must understand the New World Order, their apocalyptic agenda, and the purpose of their mission.  They want to maintain their power, and they want to guide the hand of humanity for eternity.  Destroying a sovereign nation such as Japan, who is widely known for their fierce independence, and creating a catastrophe that involves the entire globe, makes perfect sense, when you really think about it.  What can the populace of a globe really do against the threat of poisoning through nuclear radiation, besides succumb?  It is sick, but so are our rulers.

Last, on that date of 3/11, I want to make a few quick points.  On March 11, 1961, the New York Port Authority approved the construction of the World Trade Center building.  On March 11, 2002, the Tribute of Light was cast into the sky, for 33 days, until April 14, 2002.  Nine years later, the Fukushima disaster occurred, which was likely another Illuminiti tribute.  After the 9/11 attacks, the next major terrorism event in the world took place on 3/11/04, exactly 911 days after the 9/11 attacks.  Next month, December 11th, will be the 33 month mark since the earthquake and initial leak.

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  1. Possible foreshadowing of the Gulf Oil Spill in this movie Knowing showing the event a year before it happened for real.


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