Sunday, January 1, 2017

11 31 47 | Why Alabama won 24-7 & Clemson won 31-0 on the 31st of December +Alabama & 31

Notice both games sum to 31 points on the 31st day of December.

'31' is the Alabama number.  Last year, the Heisman winner was from Alabama, and he won the award 31-days before Alabama won the National Championship over Clemson.

Washington vs Alabama box score:
Ohio St. vs Clemson box score:

Also, 31 is the 11th prime number, and football is a game of 11 on 11.

The date of the championship game is January 9, 2017.

1/9/2017 = 1+9+20+17 = 47

Remember in September when the river was running red in Russia and headlines were referring to it as the 'Crimson Tide'?  I said then why Alabama might very well win #17 in 2017.  Here we are.  Go back and watch the video, it is still up, with the rest of my videos.

The River turned Red on September 5, 2016.  It was a national news story September 8, 123-days before the national championship.  Conspiracy = 123

Nicholas = 45 (Coach of Alabama)

126 often connected to championships....


  1. Better yet, how about Harbough and Michigan losing against Florida st. 32-33. Ending was titilating. Not looking good for Detroit(Michigan) today.

    GB @ DET

    39 – (1+1+20+17 = 39)
    ‘Thirty-nine’ = 61
    The ‘Green and Gold’ = 61 play the ‘Detroit Lions’ = 61 tonight.
    ‘Kevin Greene’ = 61 who was inducted into the Hall of Fame this year with Brett Favre, will be in attendance tonight. He was the Packers’ linebacker coach during their win in SB45.
    19 – (1+1+17 = 19)
    Bart Starr #15 born 1-9-1934, (1-9), 19
    Clay Matthews birth numerology 5-14-1986, (5+14 = 19), 19
    The game tonight is on ‘NBC’ = 19
    ‘Nineteen’ = 41
    ‘Green Bay’ = 41
    ‘Rodgers’ = 41
    ‘Clay’ as in Matthews = 41
    ‘Super Bowl’ = 41
    ‘Nineteen’ = 86
    ‘Rodgers’ = 86
    12 – (1+1+2+0+1+7 = 12)
    Rodgers wears number 12. He will be playing in that #12 at Super Bowl ‘LI’ = 12
    ‘LI’ = 126
    ‘NRG Stadium’ = 126 is where Aaron Rodgers will End his season as he will have ‘Run The Table’
    ‘Run The Table’ = 126
    Lights out for the Lie–Down Lions.

  2. I see 24hr and 7 =days a week. Than I see the 31 24 = 55 Satan= 55
    Shit is ready to hit the fan brother. would like to meet up this week.

  3. Here we go again Zach saying Alabama. Stupid idiot. It isnt rigged bozo

    1. I did say this in September. It's in the video.

    2. Clemson will win

    3. Last year Clemson came in 14-0, and lost. This year Alabama comes in 14-0, and very well could lose. I'll do more homework on it.

    4. I said clemson was winning from the start you fucking fraud. You and your numbers bullshit are garbage. You are downright terrible and now that your asking for money, that confirmed my suspicion that you are indeed a con man

    5. Bama will lose because Obama is at his term's end and his reputation has been destroyed. Obama is a loser and Alabama will lose.

  4. Zack picked LSU... Nice try meth head.

    Roll tide 15-0

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    1. Okay Guys,

      I've received some useful information here, so I decided to return the favor.

      Here we go, call this new years gift or whatever:

      The sun we see is 93 MILES above ground.

      I'm sure some of you already knew this -and it's not the most relevant fact -
      but hey, it's a nice little piece to know anyway.


  6. It does not matter how far the sun or the moon or the shape of the earth.

    What matters is the electrical signal your brain is receiving by the creator.

    No one is going to space or to any planets. Your mind was preloaded with these concepts. The signals transmitted activate your reality.

    This answer was preloaded too.

    1. All we are is dust in the wind...dude.

    2. Preloaded answer, there's no right or wrong POV

      That's your signal

    3. All of this has happened before and will happen again.

    4. True, not very relevant how far it is.
      And no one here knows how the sun works or what it is.

      Signals your brain is receiving, i guess you can call them electrical but you know that is not the best term how to describe them.

    5. numbers = vibrations = music = geometry = reality

  7. As I much as I hate to admit you were right

  8. He isn't right about anything. My work is to show how things are scripted. He wants to spend his days here discrediting the truth. The man is a low life loser, with no friends or family who talk to him, and apparently nothing to do but troll my work. I think Harrybutts had the Bengals winning the Super Bowl this year. How are they doing?

  9. It gonna be rigged for Bama to win again this year with a black QB That is from Houston Tx

  10. @Wildcard

    Took you long enough to figure that out.

    Roll tide 15-0 like SB 51

    1. Clemson winning

    2. The winner is Irrelevant, the REMATCH is what matters.

      Why another rematch, why was Watson second in heisman again ?

      Cavs vs Warriors rematch why?

      Patriots played the Giants twice why ?

      Could it be a third or is Seattle rematch or is it packers rematch that neither Brady nor Rodgers were a part of the first time?

      Is it a rematch of SB1 is it a rematch of packers vs steelers

      Is it a rematch ?

      There are many possibilities but the common ritual is REMATCH

      Obama mentioned he would win vs trump sort of a rematch

      Rousey lost her rematch

      Floyd doesn't want a rematch

      You truther fags waste so much time on the colts and disagreeing with me your missing the REAL reason the games and this reality are parallels

    3. A man can never step into the same river twice, for both he and the river are changed.

    4. Harry all I said Clemson was winning you moron

  11. Zack clean that dump you call home.
    You and all your truthers know I'm with the Patriots.
    Poor attempt at a deflection.
    Facts starring you in the face and your still lying GOY.
    I proved your research was false and incomplete at best.
    Your second choice was the Giants which I did not disagree with at the time. After further research that is also wrong, GIANTS tribute took place during SB33 half time when frank Gifford was honored. Frank passed this year case closed. Vikings your third pick was eliminated.

    Zack I just completely own you and at the same time gave you the Corect answers to my research.

    Get Driving lessons! Look out for those FENCES which came out dec 24th!

  12. Be correct about something
    doesn't matter if you also troll
    because fuck logic

  13. Iivarii

    Gets it!

    Trolling or logic or GAYmatriaGaymatria are all the same!

    Distraction purposely placed to kee ORDER out of chaos.

    Everything is NOT calculated there is chance, Christians want to point out Gods beauty without the imperfections and scientist want to use calculations and theory as proof. Nothing is right, nothing is proven. The only thing that occurs is RIGHT now and the next RIGHT now.

  14. Zack was a fraud yesterday and today.

    Last year and this year.

    No one can predict the future, GAYmatriaGaymatria only proves the same numbers assigned to the same entities repeat themselves because the actions are repeated.

    Every team has the same numbers because we are all assigned a number but not like the Jersey or birth days. We do not OVERLAP we are all parallel to each other.

  15. If anyone remembers I pointed out the 13/31 and 48/84 code

    Both teams scored 31
    Patriots went 3-1 without Brady
    TY Hilton #13 just went down
    I bet Odell goes out today too

    Also the #25 jersey was everywhere this season, noticed Clemson has a DB #25
    Have not noticed a #25 on Bama

    FAVRE #4 was inducted
    Carr #4 broken leg

    #4 Eddie Jackson 2016 defensive MVP is injured for Bama this year and will
    Not play in the NC game

    Noticed Patriots are #1 and the Giants are #5 seed if they win today.

    #4 is worn by Vinateri the best kicker ever on patriots
    He was a former Colt

    Pats have 4 championships

    NFC has 26 Super Bowls
    AFC has 24 Super Bowls

    I have the Patriots but it will be an AFC team winning 25 on 2/5

    my bold prediction was Browns would win their last game vs the Steelers.
    I was one week off, but they may actually win 2 in 16 lol 216

  16. It don't matter Harry cause if Bama win that really mean you'll see the G-Man in the Superbowl brother

    1. Giants ? G-Man

      Giants signed Miami Dolphins LB out of university of Miami

      He spent 300k on gifts for his team. The Chicago fires killed 300k
      #58 Broncos gave 300 bottles to the AFC

      I'm sorry but #58!and 300 is a pure indication that the Giants are next to burn!
      The fact that Odell #13 and Rodger cromartie #31 are on the same team is another kiss of death. The Giants best DB #20 Jenkins is the connection to the 97 season 20 years ago.

      Giants going down Brother 😈

  17. Brady got his first victory vs the Rams and his 201 victory vs the Rams.

    Brady won SB 49 on a #21 isn't at the 1 yard line

    112 !

    Pete Carroll was connected to the Rams job recently (Joe McKnight ) USC and the jets like Pete Carroll, Belichik is tied to the jets and patriots like Carroll.

    #24 revise won a championship with patriots plays for the jets and now is considered
    Terrible after getting big deal from the jets

    #24 marshawn lynch also got a big NFL deal 31 million then was considered expendable but he retired last season

    #25 Sherman said " he disagreed with the Play calling at the 1"

    Keep your eye on Seattle folks!!! There is still a rematch between Seattle and packers from that hail marry game

    FAVRE played for the Jets and packers and the H.O.F game was canceled.

    Back to Brady 14 years ago the Patriots won vs Carolina at reliant stadium in Houston.

  18. zacc is tryin to perv on mariah carey lmao follow numerologynow on twitter n

    1. Yesterday's telecast said Saban and Belichik went to see Bon jovi lmao

      Winners hanging together at concerts lmao

  19. lmao zacc had michigan n colts cuz he fooled by harbaugh n luck. saban belichick n brady will be champs this year. follow numerologynow n

  20. open ur nfl blog so i can speak my words of wisdom zacc stop spreadin lies n masturbatin to ladyboys follow numerologynow n

  21. Show how things are scripted after the fact! Fraud Zach. So glad I bought garys package, best decision of my life. Already up 20k on the yr from it. Join GG33 if you wanna make money

  22. Tons of 31's today in NFL popping up.

  23. Im feeling charitable so if anyone wants a legit winner, take USC - pts tomorrow. I dont share info on here bc Zach is a fraud and a thief but for those who lost everything on colts, i will give you a chance to get your money back

    1. lol manning ur a nutcase, but you make good points. Clemson is winning take the ML any they are going to score a ton man .Clemson scores atleast 40 take the ML and the over 51 parlay for good odds also, look into a alt line of Clemson -3 or so up to -6.5....As far as USC . vegas has been pissing on Favs all bowl season I cant play any favs.

  24. The other Cromartie former Jets #31 was CUT by the colts because of taking a knee
    During the anthem . Cromartie has 10 children out of wed lock

    Zack call me a BASTARD cause I kept that GEM from your dumb ass!!!

    Why didn't germatria tell you that 10 is NY or revelations faggot!

    COLTS will get 97 or 88 pick your poison truthers !!!!

  25. Harry ask Randy Ross what happen to him nine years ago against the G-man LOL

  26. USC wins big tomorrow

    Agreed all three big TEN teams going down

    1. careful with that chalk. Vegas has been all dogs

  27. Fire in Oakland Kelly gets fired

    And Warriors lose in the Western conference finals vs Houston

    1. rockets? cavs gonna repeat u right about warriors not makin finals tho follow numerologynow n

    2. Mike go to the 40 pt game Harden had that game is the clue.

      Harden will be the MVP , this year rockets are in the 95 mode
      Reason for the OJ movie and the white bronco Peyton won.

      Lebron is going thru the Bulls 95,96,97 bulls

      Lebron is going to play vs all 3 Texas teams and win vs Houston
      But lost to both mavs and Spurs !

    3. lmao maybe they da houston team dat makes the finals not the astros zacc picked. i got cavs over clippers but cp3 n griffin injury aint helpin my case for now

    4. be careful dude zacc might jus steal ur pic like he does all da time. good thing he got cavs warriors part 3 but durant is cursed

    5. the nba is over guys. its common sense its part 3 that's why Durant signed so now Lebron will have taken down the big three. common sense

  28. Replies
    1. 14-2 = 5-2

      Brady gets 5th super bowl on 2/5 and gets playoff win #25
      And has a 5-2 record and wins 15 games in 2016 like SB 51

      Zack eat shit faggot!


    For all the truther minions... Here look at Jake's numbers lmao

    Remember that Bama great and Raider legend passed #12

    Ken snake stabler born on 12/25/45 lmao

    Bama in Raiders out

    Brady in Raiders out

  30. zacc lost to shawn hill in nfl tryouts follow numerologynow n

  31. Answer this question what happen to Randy Moss nine years ago against the guy that wear #10 ya'll Clowns

    Harry & Mike manning

  32. Listen faggot Eli is not getting any more rings!

    Plaxico shot himself and Eli run is over..

    Go root for the colts faggot !

  33. Patriots, Yankees , lakers, Bama

    Are teams used by the elite to annoy the mASSes

    The rest of the teams are for the minions.

    Why do you think it takes 50+ years or such a long time before the mASSess
    Get a feel good story.

    The Giants beat NE but BRADY is still the GOAT, the Yankees still won wit AROID

    Kobe the rapist ( made up story) and lakers still won

    The Cubs had a huge heartbreak vs Mets year before

    Had to come from behind to win like cavs. Why?

    Because the Truthers and Minions are Getting CUM from behind by the elite.

    Because cum backs and under dogs(Gods) and re-tards and rematches are harnessing ENERGY

    I speak the TRUTH but Zack taught you he's the fraud all about the TRUTH.

    He had Colts the suckers bought it, I have the Patriots by the numbers and script

    Minions losing money and getting mind fucked!

  34. BTW , I was polite to everyone on this thread, the term FAGGOT I learn from ZACK the GAYmatriaGaymatria Queen.
    If you are offended by my use of the word, blame ZACK !
    Or stop being a mindless minion looking for gambling tips!
    No one can predict the future or the winners of these games including me.
    I'm just better at it that Zack.

  35. quarter century --> 25 years back

  36. hey can click on mikemannings name and go to his profile. next to profile button is the 3 dots,click on those and see if muting or plcking profile or report abuse works

  37. You think like this?

    13/31 & 48/84
    = 4/4 & 12/12
    = 4/4 & 3/3

  38. Tigers= 33

    Fiesta= 33

    Orange= 33

    Just like Michigan Lost to Florida St. in the Orange Bowl.

    Orange= 33

    Seminole= 33

  39. Bottom Line just like Jay Wright of Villanova winning. its Dabo Swinney time for his title. The writing is on the WALL! Don't forget Dabo played for Alabama and helped them win a title in 92. he was a assistant at Alabama till 2000. Many people like him and still have contact with him throughout the Campus. He will not lose 2b2 titles against Bama.. Saban will laydown and give this one to him. Storyline Dabo wins title for Bama in 92 and ,25 years later defats his old school.

  40. SC should win today. 103rd rose bowl game, they started 1-3, if they win they'll be 10-3.

    1. SCore is 13-0 SC. Gonna laugh if this total ends on 41. 27-14.

    2. Score 27-14, haha. 13th prime = 41. These guys scoring like crazy.

    3. Trojans break 28 point run

      42 - 35

      77 total

    4. 77 + 7 (current point differential)

      "trojans" in the English Ordinal system equals 97, which reduces to 16, which reduces to 7
      "trojans" in the English Gematria system equals 511, which reduces to 7
      "trojans" in the English Reduction system equals 25, which reduces to 7

  41. "they scored on four consecutive plays"

    "four plays" in the English Reduction system equals 43, which reduces to 7
    "four plays" in the English Gematria system equals 1357, which reduces to 16, which reduces to 7
    "four plays" in the English Ordinal system equals 133, which reduces to 7

    1. "28 unanswered" in the English Gematria system equals 1105, which reduces to 7
      "28 unanswered" in the English Ordinal system equals 124, which reduces to 7
      "28 unanswered" in the English Reduction system equals 43, which reduces to 7

    2. Anyone catch Marcus Allen standing on the sideline ?
      "marcus " in the English Reduction system equals 21, which reduces to 3

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. Announcers continue to drop clues:

    adore Jackson #2

    "jackson hurt his leg" in the English Reduction system equals 74, which reduces to 11, which reduces to 2

    "jackson leg" in the English Reduction system equals 34, which reduces to 7
    "jackson leg" in the English Ordinal system equals 97, which reduces to 16, which reduces to 7
    "jackson leg" in the English Gematria system equals 286, which reduces to 16, which reduces to 7

    1. After news reporter detailing Jackson's injury -

      "thanks samantha" in the English Reduction system equals 42, which reduces to 6

      I'm going to guess that usc will score another touchdown (6) and end up with 42 points.

      Now, either they will stay at 42 or while with 42 pts look for #42 on their defense to be a factor

  44. Who's wearing #16 I am wondering

    "ninety one points" in the English Reduction system equals 79, which reduces to 16, which reduces to 7
    "ninety one points" in the English Gematria system equals 1618, which reduces to 16, which reduces to 7

  45. SC couldn't intercept an easy one and then next play same guy intercepts it on a double coverage hahaha

  46. 101 total points, 26th prime 101. #26 on penn st was featured that whole game. 52 prophecy, 49 revelation. Amazing.


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