Sunday, January 8, 2017

13 33 38 41 44 | Eli Manning's final TD pass of the 2016-17 season to Tavarres King, scripted NFL

Notice that Eli Manning's final TD pass of the season was a 41-yarder to 'King', who on the same play caught his first TD pass ever.  Again, this was Eli's 13th season, and 41 is the 13th prime number.

His TD gave the Giants 13 points, at Green Bay.

The name Tavarres King also has matching gematria with New York Giants.

Tavarres King = 55/64/73/145
New York Giants = 64/73/82/181

In this game, the Packers got their 33rd win all-time against the Giants.  Remember, 'G' represents '33' in Francis Bacon Gematria.  G = 7+26 = 33

Rodgers is now 1 out of 3 against Eli Manning at Lambeau Field in the playoffs, or a 33% winning percentage.

*Think about 1/3 in relation to '13'.  Perhaps this is the underlying relationship between 13 and 33 in Freemasonry?  Just a thought...

Aaron Rodgers also turned 33-years, a span of 38-days from the game, and the Packers won with 38-points, 38-13, for a total of 51, in the season of Super Bowl 51.

This was the final game of the 'Wild Card' round as well.

Notice further they defeated the Giants by 25-points.  Giants = 25 (97, the 25th prime)

The box score stats are funny as well.  This game began at 4:40 EST.  Wisconsin = 44

Notice Eli's 44 attempts, and notice how many yards his leading receiver, King, had.

New York Giants = 73; Tavarres King = 73