Monday, January 9, 2017

33 52 | A quick Gematria lesson for RedSilverJ, who went out of his way to dog Gematria, today, January 9, 2017

In the opening minute, TeamWakeEmUp (RedSilverJ) takes his first swipe at gematria, and then after the 3:30 mark, he takes another:

RedSilverJ, what's that you say?  Did you say Gematria is for the government agents?  Hmmm...

'Take Action Now' synchs perfectly with what this petition is targeting, the newly proposed 'open carry'.  Hold on though, I still got more to say RedSilverJ.

In his video, he says the agenda being pushed is because of the NWO, or New World Order.

NOW = 52

Even before these revelations, I documented that there was a lot of '52' coded into this event.

Remember, they said the fictional shooter was on AirCanada, but then AirCanada came out and said, "That is not true, actually."

Notice the woman's name, 'Goodman'.

Remember, the NRA is the nation's biggest gun lobby, and the second biggest is located right across the street from Sandy Hook Elementary.  Now ask yourself, why would a gun lobby, which makes revenues from gun sales, want to see guns outlawed and taken away, as RedSilverJ says is the reason for all of these government shooting hoaxes?  The answer is, they wouldn't.  The truth is, the gun shooting hoaxes boost gun and ammunition sales, which is the real agenda.

Also, here's a news story on the January 10, 2017 vote for SB 140, which is tomorrow.