Monday, January 23, 2017

47 52 123 174 211 | Trump nixes TPP by the numbers, January 23, 2017 headlines +History of TPP by the numbers

The name 'Donald' also synchs well with 'Trans Pacific Partnership'.

From Obama saying he is still the President and he supports TPP, August 2, 2016, to today, is 174-days:

The February 4, 2016 signing of the TPP was on the 174th Meridian in Auckland.

The signing came 123-days after the drafting of the document, October 5, 2015.  Notice 123-days is also 17-weeks and 4-days.

Remember the significance of the gematria of the word 'conspiracy'.

Today, January 23, or 1/23, is the day Donald is making the headlines for rejecting the TPP.

With regards to 'conspiracy' and 'New World Order', checkout the gematria of 'TPP' in regards to 'NWO'.

The first word in New World Order is 'NEW'.

The TPP was signed off on February 4, 2016, on the 174th Meridian, in New Zealand.

2/4/2016 = 2+4+20+16 = 42
*Date can be written 4/2

February 4 is the 35th day of the year.