Friday, February 17, 2017

18 47 54 | 1947, the year Jackie Robinson was called up to "White Major League Baseball", +ESPN and numbers

In 1947, Jackie Robinson, #42, became the first black baseball player in white major league.

We knew the significance of '47 before, but here is a further insight.  Both the words 'racist' and 'sport' have  gematria of '47' in the reverse method.  In this case, a policy was being reversed in history, no black people became, "Yes, black people."

We also know why they made Jackie wear #42.

Nigger = 42; February = 42; Brothers = 42; History = 42; Boy = 42

Regarding sports in numbers, ESPN constantly reminds us that Gematria is real with the way they code their headlines and time stamps.  Notice the Gematria of ESPN, very geometric.

I remember last year, the Cavs earned their 54th win of the season beating Atlanta, and the Warriors had their home winning streak snapped at 54 in Oracle by the Celtics.  Oracle = 54

That double header was shown back to back on ESPN, the '54' network.