Wednesday, May 31, 2017

13 22 45 54 71 188 | 'Greatest of All Time' and the 2017 NBA Finals, Warriors or Cavs? You weigh in & why

This is the 71st season of the NBA.  The Warriors have been in Golden State since '71.

If the Warriors win these Finals, they'll be 5-4, something like '54'.  Oracle = 54

If they lose, they'll become 4-5, with their latest loss to the 'Cavs'.  Cavs = 45; Holy Bible = 45

The Cavs will become either 2-2 in NBA Finals, or 1-3.

In light of how huge '13' was last season.... it is possible they lose.  That said, 2-2 would be something like '22', or the number representing 'Basketball'.

Honestly, if I was a gambler, I wouldn't touch these NBA Finals as a Series, but on a game by game basis, looking for the ultimate clue.  It is very hard because the two teams have the same numbers stacked on them this season, especially with #35 Durant going to Warriors.

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