Monday, May 29, 2017

42 47 71 74 88 216 | Tiger Woods DUI story, May 29, 2017, 216-days from 42nd birthday +NBA Finals shaming ritual

This story comes May 29, 2017, in tribute to the 71st season of the NBA and the Finals that begin June 1.  5/29/2017 = 5+29+20+17 = 71

This has happened 216-days from Tiger Wood's 42nd birthday.
Nigger = 42; LeBron James = 42; NBA Finals = 42

Consider that LeBron James has the same birthday as Tiger Woods, and plays in Cleveland, the (216) area code.

This happened in Jupiter, Florida, the land of the false Jews, who love to shame the real Jews.

Jewish = 74/88

Remember how the false Jew nation was established in '47?

Further, this is the 47th season of the modern era of the NBA, and it is also the Cavs 47th season in the NBA.  Ohio = 47; Akron, Ohio = 47

This is how it goes.

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