Saturday, May 27, 2017

30 42 60 93 96 147 | Rodrigo Duterte declares martial law on Muslim sections of Philippines +Covered up by rape joke headlines

Instead of focusing on Gematria, focus on how they buried the part about martial law for 60-days for Muslim territories in the Philippines.  We'll get to why 60 days in a second.

*This news does come on the 147th day of the year, May 27.  Freemason = 147

This man is the Philippines version of Donald Trump, which makes sense, considering they're both New World Order nations.  He wants to attack militants while forcing himself on women, plus he wants a police state, just like Trump, who advocates for torture and stop and frisk for police upon "police suspicion".

Freemason = 42/96; False Flag = 42
Saturn = 30/42/93

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