Friday, May 26, 2017

13 23 52 57 64 83 102 122 | Cavs vs Warriors all-time regular season and playoffs

The Warriors lead the regular season series 57 to 52.  Remember, NBA Finals sums to 57 and last year the Cavs broke the Cleveland drought of 52 years, after winning 57 games in the regular season. That is also 109 combined games, the 29th prime, the number that has defined the season and which represents Ohio.  It reminds that Curry scored 29 points on his 29th birthday, Pi Day.  Pi also sums to 29.  Of course LeBron and Curry, both born in Akron, Ohio.

If you count the playoff games, there have been 122 total games between the teams, with the Warriors  leading 64 to 58.  Remember Golden State sums to both 58 and 122.  Oakland also sums to 58 and is on the 122nd Meridian.  The star player, Stephen Curry, has name Gematria of 64.

If the Warriors were to win the NBA Finals, they would have 68 wins against the
Cavs and basketball sums to 68.  If they were to lose in Game 7, they would finish with 67 wins like they earned this season.  Again, both the words King and West sum to 67.  If King James, LeBron, wins the Finals in Game 7, it would be in Oracle again, out West.  The Cavs would also finish with 67 wins on the season.

The scripting is very tight.

*If the Warriors won the NBA Finals, they would win 83 games total on the season.
83, 23rd prime; King = 23; Symbol = 23; Troll = 23; 2 of 3 against Cavs in Trilogy

Then again, if LeBron won, it would also be 2 of 3, the number that is most attributed to him in the modern NBA.  Two = 23 (Two in a row...)

Speaking of Pi... the front page of ESPN as I write this.

22 / 7 = Pi (Check time stamp)

ESPN's front page also says this is the Warriors years.

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