Friday, May 26, 2017

22 23 35 67 | If LeBron wins NBA Finals in Game 7, June 18, 2017.... if he loses... +Potential 23rd Eastern Conference title in modern NBA era

So, the Cavs finished 51-31 in the regular season...

They're now 12-1 in the playoffs...

If they go 4-3 in the NBA Finals...

Their record will be 67-35.

King = 67
King James = 35

When the game concludes, it will be June 19 UST, the real King James's birthday, and LeBron will have won on Father's Day for two years in a row, as the "Godfather".

THAT SAID, if he loses in Game 7.... the Cavs will finish 66-36...

LeBron = 66; LeBron James = 66
Cavaliers = 36 (When you sum 1 through 36, it totals 666)

Remember... The NBA Finals = 666; Trilogy = 666

If LeBron lost, he would also be 3-5 in NBA Finals all-time.  If he were to win, he would 4-4.

Chosen One = 44; King James = 35/44

Consider that in the last game of the ECF, LeBron scored 35, in 35-minutes.

And consider further that Mike Brown (47) began coaching LeBron at age 35, who is now the interim head coach of the Warriors.

For what might be the tipping clue, if the Cavs win the Finals, it will be the 23rd Eastern Conference Championship in the modern era of the NBA.

LeBron, #23, bringing it home in a second King James tribute?

Remember, they called LeBron a troll.

We should do some homework on '25' and this NBA season as well, because that has been a very big number this year, especially in the recent Super Bowl.  If the Warriors were to win, it would be #25 for the West.

Last year the King picked up #22 for the East.  Can he make it two in a row, both as tributes to 'King' James?

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