Tuesday, May 30, 2017

35 66 143 144 | Clemson 35, Alabama 31, might indicate Warriors are to beat LeBron James in the NBA Finals 2017 (MAJOR CLUE)


Clemson won with 35...

And if LeBron loses the Finals, he'll be 3-5 all time in NBA Finals.

Plus, as we discussed, the two head coaches, Mike Brown and Tryonn Lue, have 3/5 and 5/3 birthdays respectively, or March 5 and May 3.  Remember, Mike Brown with the 3/5 birthday, began coaching LeBron at age 35, but now he is with the Warriors, who LeBron faces.


One more point about that Clemson and Alabama score... it was 35 to 31.

35+31 = 66 (LeBron) (LeBron James)

Consider this, Kevin Durant wears the #35 for the death of his high school coach.  I have work on that on this blog, and a video, but perhaps it deserves a second look now that we know reverse Gematria.

From the college championship January 9, 2017, to the start of the NBA Finals, June 1, 2017, is 143-days later, or a span of 144.  TIME = 144

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