Monday, May 29, 2017

33 38 44 60 75 228 | Destinee Mangum, girl target on Portland MAX train speaks out about killer "Jeremy Joseph Christian"

On Memorial Day, CNN gives us a shadow of Trump to remember his outline.

The main headline and the emphasized phrase on the right above the girl with the hat have similar Gematria on this Memorial Day, May 29, 2017

Washington = 130; Freemasonry = 158

The name of the teen has much to do with police, order, death and the word "nigger".  In this story, the killer supposed shouted out "nigger".

Police = 60; Nigger = 60; N-Word = 74; Oregon = 74
Order = 75; New World Order = 75
Death = 228; United States of America = 228

She was '16'.  Sixteen = 33; *Destiny = 33; OR = 33; Oregon, 33rd State
Teen = 44; Kill = 44

Notice her initials, D.M.

D = 4
M = 13 = 4
D.M. = 4.4.

Again, Max = 38; Death = 38; Killing = 38; Murder = 38; Oregon = 38

Good Samaritan is the name of a nearby hospital.  Samaritan = 33; Oregon, 33rd State

*That's where I was born.

Anyhow, notice they have setup a GoFundMe for the supposed survivor...

Videos have surfaced of him at multiple events?  This is a clear sign the news of this story is all manufactured.  How else is there going to be a collection of videos of him coming together just days after the attack?

Trump fan?  In my first decode, I showed how the story of this man was a tribute to Donald Trump.

They've done their part in the psyop, they've been paid, now they want to be left alone.

Read the prior two decodes on this story from Portland, Oregon here:

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