Friday, May 26, 2017

25 33 42 47 70 137 138 | Week of viral racist videos according to CNN +Racist woman caught on camera in Wal-Mart by Eva Hicks

Notice the 137.  137, the 33rd prime; Race War = 33

CNN's story is told from the point of view of 'Eva Hicks'.

Donald Trump = 48/138
Race War = 33
Scottish Rite = 78

Think about this name.  Hicks?  For a Hispanic person?  No.  Hicks is a nod to the racist hillbillies that make up many parts of this nation.

In the video captured, another woman intervenes, and the "racist" calls her a nigger.  Notice the Gematria or 'racial slur'.

You also have to appreciate the 'racist' angle in 'Wal Mart'.

Poison = 88; Program = 88; Trump = 88

Funny how they put a purposefully 'racist' President in at age 70, eh?

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