Monday, July 1, 2019

19 27 38 59 71 85 103 228 | Tyler Skaggs, Los Angeles Angels pitcher, dead at 27, July 1, 2019 +Nick Adenhart

This man has died 353-days after his 27th birthday, on July 1, or 7/1, like 71.

This matters because 353 is the 71st prime number.

Notice how 'seventy-one' factors in.

As for the #45, Skaggs wore the #45.

Skaggs was drafted in 2009, the same year Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart died.

Notice Nick Adenhart sums to 71.

Notice Adenhart died 228-days after his birthday.

Skaggs was called up for his first MLB start on August 22, or 22/8, in 2012.

The name Los Angeles Angels sums to 59 a well, the 17th prime, and the date can be written 1/7, like the number 17.

 Notice how his full name syncs with the team name as well.

Skaggs was drafted 8-weeks and 5-days after Adenhart died.

61, the 18th prime; Baseball = 18 (Think of Roger Maris hitting 61 HRs in '61)

As for him being 27-years-old, the date of his death has 27 date numerology.

7/1/19 = 7+1+19 = 27

The season officially began March 20, 2019, 103-days ago.  103, the 27th prime

Skaggs just picked up his 38th career loss Saturday, June 29, 2019.

And last, it was his year to go out by the numbers.

T. = 20
S. = 19 

Read the latest from CNN, the history of dead Angels players:


  1. His initials

    TS = 2019

  2. Replies
    1. All we're saying is the details are always bullshit.. He could have been sacrificed or it could be a complete fabrication.. Occulists run everything, including the sports leagues

    2. It's simple his character has been written out of the movie That's it same feeling as when someone in a movie dies is what you'll get if u liked this guy movie-71 64 46 28 18

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    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Or Kawhi both were 27 recently Kawhi just turned 28 sat.....

    3. Kawhi did his 27 ritual of duality he stopped a 3-peat for the second time and won the championship it's not always going to be bad I'm assuming somebody's got be happy for others to be sad

  4. This was connected to Kawhi coming or going....the last day he pitched was in Kawhi bday 6/29....

  5. Number 45, was just a simple first thing to stand out. But I'm not sure about place of birth meaning or anything.. is it for other teams in California? For the Angels in future years?

  6. Texas hotel room - Reverse Full Reduction = 71

  7. Great post, not much left for me to add here other than:
    "LA Angels" = 71 (English Ordinal)

  8. If truth bothers you that much, then fuck off troll

  9. That was for the last comment, sorry Zack, lol, love your work


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