Thursday, July 4, 2019

66 74 | 6.6 magnitude earthquake reported in Los Angeles, July 4, 2019

It is July 4 and we have a 6.6 earthquake along the San Andreas fault line.

Per the USGS...

It hit in the 'Mojave' Desert, at 10:33 AM, emphasis on 33.

Keep in mind today can be written 7/4, like 74.

This was the largest quake in the LA area since the 1994 6.6 Northridge Quake.

Northridge, California sums to 128, like 'Independence Day'.

Northridge also sums to 118...

And notice they have now downgraded the July 4, 2019 quake from a 6.6 to a 6.4

Speaking of the earthquake impacting the 118th Meridian West, and Northride summing to 118, today is 38-days before August 11, 2019, the date in history HAARP was patented, and the date the 1989 World Series Earthquake team will be remembered in California, in San Francisco.

August 11 is the 223rd day of the year.

Read about HAARP and August 11, 1987 here:


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    2. That sucks was hoping he was cooking to Lakers lol damn

    3. Aye Mikey I could be wrong.....when I seen the highlights on ESPN that morning I just thought it was interesting

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  3. Was it changed to a 6.4? That is what I heard and googled to find. Well, here is my information to go along with that number.

    Magnitude 6.4 earthquake, 11-miles from Ridgecrest, CA - 1:33 East Coast time33-minutes after 1. This 6.4 earthquake occurred a span of 6-months and 4-days from the beginning of the year.

    "Earthquake" = 133(Francis Bacon) - like 1:33
    "Biggest Earthquake in Twenty Years" = 133(Septenary)
    "U.S.A." = 133(Reverse Primes)

    This has occurred today, on July 4th, or 7/4, 11-miles from Ridgecrest(7+4 = 11)

    "6.4 On The Richter" = 74(Reverse Full Reduction)
    "Southern CA" = 74(Reverse Full Reduction EP)
    "Thursday, July 4, 2019" = 74(Single Reduction)
    "Independence Day" = 74(Full Reduction)
    "Birth Of America" = 74(Full Reduction)
    "Masonic" = 74(English Ordinal)
    "Fault Lines" = 47(Single Reduction) - 7/4 or 4/7
    "Searles" = 47(Reverse Full Reduction)
    "Magnitude 6.4" = 47(Septenary)
    "Devastation" = 47(Jewish Reduction)

    "Eleven Miles From Ridgecrest" = 137(Jewish Reduction) - 137 is the 33rd Prime Number and this occurred at 33-minutes after 1 East Coast time?
    "Earthquake" = 137(ALW Kabbalah)

    "Thirty Three" = 156(English Ordinal)
    "Searles Valley" = 156(English Ordinal)
    "Thursday, July 4, 2019" = 156(Reverse Ordinal)
    "Fear And Awe" = 156(Francis Bacon)
    "Devastation" = 156(Francis Bacon) - 911 is the 156th Prime

    A 6.4 on the Richter Scale?

    "Earthquake" = 64(Reverse Single Reduction)
    "Aftershocks" = 64(Reverse Full Reduction)
    "Birth Pains" = 64(Reverse Full Reduction) - this occurs on the anniversary of the birth pains of our nation.
    "Growing Pains" = 64(Reverse Full Reduction)

    America declared "independence" on 7/4/1776(7+4+17+76 = 104)

    "Searles Valley Quake" = 104(Reverse Full Reduction)
    "Magnitude 6.4" = 104(English Ordinal)
    "Thursday, July the 4th, 2019" = 104(Reverse Full Reduction)
    "Ridgecrest" = 104(Jewish Ordinal)
    "Nine-One-One" = 104(Jewish Ordinal)
    "Stars and Stripes" = 104(Reverse Full Reduction)

    Today's date is 7/4/2019

    7+4+20+19 = 50

    "Magnitude 6.4" = 50(Full Reduction)
    "6.4 on 7/4" = 50(English Ordinal)
    "Aftershocks" = 50(Septenary)
    "Day Of Wrath" = 50(Reverse Full Reduction)
    "Upheaval" = 50(Full Reduction KV)
    "Emergency" = 50(Full Reduction)
    "Nine-One-One" = 50(Jewish Reduction)
    "America" = 50(English Ordinal)

    1. Sorry, I was in a hurry and failed to read down to where you posted that the 6.6 had been changed to a 6.4. My bad,

    2. About 100 miles from Los Angeles

      Hundred =74
      Hundred =666 (74x9=666, a=9,b=18,c=27)


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