Sunday, July 10, 2016

22 23 42 | LeBron James congratulated Serena Williams on July 9 Wimbledon victory

Listen to this 42 second clip of LeBron James congratulating Serena Williams and talking about lucky number '23'.

LeBron James = 42
He wears the #23
Basketball = 22


  1. He calls Serena 'the Queen', too.

    1. The Queen = 570
      Fifty Seven = 131 = Championship
      Just another wrinkle

  2. Invasion of insects in Euro Final lmao, never seen anything like it. Apparently its moths, had to do gematria of moth. 188/336/56. First thing that pops up next to it = ISIS. Kinda funny, guess youll have some more work on this.

  3. When you call certain numbers important, is there a way or list to determine which numbers are more important or prioritized? Maybe those aren't the right words, but i'd like to be able to do my own digging maybe, i've seen a few of your videos on gematria but would like to be able to ask questions to you if possible regarding applying it to my own curiosity

  4. Serena and Venus are both transgenders.
    Are Venus & Serena Williams men? (7/7)Official fairy tale

    Proof Michelle Obama, Serena and Venus Williams were born boys

  5. Sorry to divert this but after watching the Yankee game vs the Indians not only was it completely obvious that the players were botching ball after ball but the box score numbers were very striking in terms of the score, hits and errors. Once again sorry but possibly worth looking into.

  6. God I hate this guy... Anyone with a nickname such as "King" has got to be a monumental asshole. Must be so good to know that you're a rigged champion LeBron Lames! I know he won't see this, but I needed to vent lol.

  7. He's playing the part of " King" of basketball.
    Jordan was the "God" of basketball
    It's all entertainment nothing else.