Monday, July 11, 2016

33 35 46 58 64 74 93 121 132 | The arrest of Draymond Green in East Lansing MI, July 10, 2016

This story is connected to the NBA Finals.

7/10/16 = 7+10+16 = 33

It comes 22-days after the conclusion of the NBA Finals, won by King James on the real King James's birthday, June 19, 2016.

The news was made on the 23rd day, and both Green and LeBron wear #23.

East Lansing, eh?  Remember, the Warriors are from Philadelphia, the city named from Revelation.

East Lansing = 58; Warriors = 58; Freemasonry = 58

The Conrad's Grill seems to factor into the whole Catholic/Jesuit theme over the NBA and its scripting.  Recall, Draymond was the 35th overall pick by the Warriors in 2012.

Maximum of 93-days in jail, eh?  I remember how they just lost in Game 7 to the Cavs who finished with 93-points.

Lt. Scott Wrigglesworth = 113 (Mainstream, Dishonest, Green Screen)

The NBA Finals began with the Warriors and Cavs having played 113-times all-time.

23-games for #23, the man who was scripted as the counter to LeBron James, aka 'King James', who won it all on the real King James's birthday.  If you think I'm tripping with the Revelation stuff, let us not forget that King James has a Bible named after him.

And as for this happening in Michigan, 23 connects to human chromosomes, as does 46.  The Cavs just won their first NBA Finals in their 46th season of competing.  It was also Cleveland's first championship as a city since '64.

He was also reportedly arrested at 2:28 in the morning.