Friday, July 22, 2016

33 45 77 185 | Clinton picks Kaine, June 22, 2016 news

Today's date has '45' numerology.  7/22/16 = 7+22+16 = 45 
(45th Presidential Race) 
(Mike Pence = 45)

Now, the coding in the headlines.

Tim Kaine's birthday is the day of the '93 WTC Bombings, a special date to the Clintons.

The Tim Kaine VP pick was my call on June 21.  If you skip to 31 minutes in the video linked, I talk about Tim Kaine for VP... and you'll notice, what I showed about him, paralleled what happened with Mike Rawlings just a week later, the Mayor of Dallas.


  1. Nice call on Kaine. Right on the money. Payback for hosting the fake shooting of the news reporter in VA.

  2. Time Kaine? This is nuts, it's like a biblical Batman villain.
    Kain and Cable

    Quit paying taxes quit paying bills period. There is a game of rock, paper, scissors going on here. Paper - yellow journalism is ruling this world. Get yourselves a pair of shiny scissors and chop chop.
    In fact just quit believing they have ANY power over us! Belief is the real money in this world.
    Believe it or not, thats the choice being presented here.

    1. Too right, Pru. On 3/21/16 Pence signed into effect the Illinois ABLE Act.


    3. Lol the dreams awaken.
      Hi five!