Wednesday, July 13, 2016

43 52 64 67 73 86 117 | Theresa May scheduled to be next PM for U.K., July 13, 2016 (David Cameron concludes 322-weeks in office)

Today's a fitting day for big News in 'England'.  Today is July 11, or 11/7.

Cameron will have been PM for 322-weeks and 1-day.

322 connects to the elite masonic order, Skull and Bones, that has members in high places throughout the world.

As we decode the name Theresa May, keep in mind that the UK was part of the greater European Government for 43-years.  Also, her initials connect to 'Brexit' and 'Cameron'.

October = 33 (Cameron and May born in October)

Theresa = 2+8+5+9+5+1+1 = 31/40
Mary = 4+1+9+7 = 21
May = 4+1+7 = 12
Theresa Mary May = 64/73 (Theresa May = 43/52) (Bank of England = 52)

Theresa = 20+8+5+18+5+19+1 = 76
Mary = 13+1+18+25 = 57 (England)
May = 13+1+25 = 39
Theresa Mary May = 172 (Theresa May = 115) (Freemasons = 115)

Like David Cameron, she also has an October birthday.  October = 33; Brexit = 33

10/1/1956 = 10+1+19+56 = 86 (Symbol)
10/1/1956 = 10+1+(1+9+5+6) = 32 (UK)
10/1/1956 = 1+0+1+1+9+5+6 = 23
10/1/56 = 10+1+56 = 67 (Female = 67) (Freemasonry)

Her maiden name has '67' gematria, matching her birth numerology.

Theresa has improved her political 322-weeks exactly after taking her last chair,

She will become PM, Wednesday, July 13, 2016.

7/13/2016 = 7+13+20+16 = 56 (President = 47/56) (Born in '56)

This comes in the time of the 56th Parliament.,_2015

The May 7 election was fitting for 'England' as well.

July 13, 2016 follows the May 7, 2015 election by 433-days.

Theresa is also a former banker.

She will be the first female PM since Margaret Thatcher, also born in October.

MT... MT = 13+20 = 33 (Born in October)

Recall how the Brexit vote came 109-days before David Cameron's October 9, or 10/9 birthday.


  1. Hey Zach, Gary the numbers guy just twitted that "WW3 starts on SEP 28th 2017". Did you see anything that can support that prediction?

    1. That's a date with '74' numerology.
      9+28+20+17 = 74
      Gary the Numbers Guy doesn't have any credibility though.

    2. Well I really hope you're right! Even if I think sooner or later there will be a WW3 unfortunately

    3. WW3 won't start on Sep 28th unless Gary is making a buck somehow.

    4. Problem with Gary is that he never reveals his method, he has his head too far up his ass to truly share knowledge

    5. He will, but you have to pay him several grand and sign an NDA.

  2. And she stepped out for her first speech at 17:33 precisely, clearly the freemasonic choice. Interesting to watch exactly how every democratic aspect of these parties is expunged by the use of the bullying media and no doubt further threats behind the scenes. Interestingly almost all BBC's mini headlines had 95 gematria with Theresa May aged 59 its reflection. No idea why or how to interpret that, the kill number, a martyr but what does it signify or is it just syncing up as a tag for those that know

  3. There's currently a picture of Mrs May on the Daily Fail online posing with her hands in a very Merkelike, masonic hand gesture.....

  4. If I understand correctly ... they just got a PM they DIDN'T ELECT? If Trump were to drop out at the last second -- COULDN'T THAT HAPPEN HERE TOO?? Is that why they're ramping up the CHAOS agenda here in the U.S.? The woman who dropped out said that it was Important To Have Strong Leadership During So Much Turmoil ... are they creating a similar scenario here in anticipation of Trump Bowing Out ... & Hillary getting the office by DEFAULT?

    This means "3 GRAY LADIES" will be running the most powerful countries outside of Russia ... MERKEL - Germany ; MAY - UK ; CLINTON - US.


    Wait a minute ... you don't suppose they could be like ... PUTIN'S 'HAREM' ... do you? Or more accurately -- PUTIN'S FEMBOTS?? Lol ;D :D

    1. In the UK, the people don't elect the PM, they elect the House of Commons, and the House appoints the PM. So the Party (or coalition) with the most votes picks the PM.

      Also in the US: Gray Lady -- 93/39/913
      and in the UK: Grey Lady -- 97/43/917

    2. Thank you for clearing that up! Now I better understand how this could happen so quickly.

      Since we've devolved into a two-party system -- do we know what WOULD happen if Trump pulled out at the last second? I'm honestly curious if that's ever happened before -- or if one candidate has ever died right before the election? I heard the Republicans are supposedly looking for a way to dump Trump ... so is that possibly meant to imply that they're lining up a replacement "just in case" ...?

      I know that here in the U.S., the Electoral College "chooses" for us -- which in a way is LESS "democratic" than the UK's Parliamentary choice of PM -- because WE have NO say over WHO THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE MEMBERS ARE.

      In fact, it's DELIBERATELY hard to even find out WHO THEY ARE ... supposedly to "protect them" -- for security reasons ... & to prevent them from being subjected to "lobbying" -- which is a joke!! ;D :D

  5. I heard her on BBC Radio giving those "Brexit Means Brexit" comments. She paused after saying that, & when her audience (Parliament?) responded, I SWEAR THEY SOUNDED LIKE A BUNCH OF SHEEP BAA-A-ING! Then they did it AGAIN at the next pause -- so there was no mistaking what I'd "herd" (lol).

    It's SO obvious that this is all a big joke to the elite --

    And now Cameron's leaving WEDNESDAY instead of "in 6 months or more" -- suddenly he can't get out fast enough.

    Something VERY BIG is planned for AUGUST -- of that we CAN be sure! ;D :D

  6. She's a fraud! I can't believe they appointed her! The shit never ends!

    1. I know, right? I haven't known a moment of peace since, I cannot remember when!?

  7. Look at this crap.

    33 people overdosed on K2.
    K is the 11th letter so 112 coding
    This happened in Brooklyn
    Brooklyn = 112

    1. Bad trips = 35,44,89
      Zombies = 35,44,89

    2. synthetic marijuana = 211 the reverse of 112

  8. "July Thirteenth" = 69 & 1170[Sumerian]

    On July 13th there are 171 days remaining:
    "Remain" = 33

    1019 is the 171 Prime: [Star of David" = 119]
    One One Nine" = 56 & 110
    "Fill the Mall" = 110
    "Seventy" = 110

    "Seventy Days" = 42
    "Seventy Years" = 52

    119 [911 Reflection]

    1. July 11th:

      There are 173 days remaining on July 11th:
      "Remain" = 33

      173 is the 20th Prime:
      "One Hundred Seventy Three" = 112 [Alt 911 Dialing Code]

      "One One Two" = 45 & 126 <---


    Carla Hayden Librarian of Congress" in the English Reduction system equals 144

    Carla Hayden" in the English Reduction system equals 47

    144-47= .. 97 ..

    Librarian of Congress" in the English Reduction system equals 97

    Fourteenth Librarian" in the English Ordinal system equals 216