Friday, July 22, 2016

45 68 83 85 227 233 | Shooting at Olympia Mall in Munich, Germany, July 22, 2016 (Reichstag Fire reflections)

The headline has parallels to the June 12, 2016 Orlando shooting hoax, blamed on an ISIS inspired attacker, and former U.S. Government actor.

Shooting spree at mall = 103 (S exceptions)

229 and 103 were coded into the Orlando Shooting, where '50' people died including the attacker.  229 is the 50th prime number.  Recall how 229 is also coded into the name of the poet who wrote Invictus, William Henley.

The Olympics also begin August 5 in 'Rio', a date written 8/5 or 5/8.  This shooting is at the 'Olympia Mall'.  Also, 'McDonald's' is front and center in this story.

This shooting comes 233-days after the San Bernardino shooting, December 2, 2015, where McDonald's origins are.  Recall, at the time of that hoax, there were also the reported killings of Ronald Johnson and LaQuan McDonald in Chicago, where McDonald's is headquartered.  As I continue to explain, McDonald's is run by the same gang that controls these masonic nations and governments.

Today's shooting, 233-days later, is at the 'Olympia Shopping Mall'.

233 is the 13th Fibonacci Number.  M is the 13th letter.

This event comes 13-days before the U.S. President's birthday, August 4, 2016.  Think about the recent heavy '84' coding in the Nice, France terror false flag.

United States of America = 84
Obama = 84 (Born 8/4)
1984 McDonald attacks on July 18, or 187 
(Attack came 187-days after death of Ray Kroc) (Oak Brook, Illinois = 187)

Shooter on the loose!  Stay inside!  Be afraid!  Fear, fear, fear!

And... did I not just make a video showing the parallels between Munich and Rio?  Did I not just make a video showing the '187' code in July 18, 1984 McDonald's massacre?  They keep bringing up the McDonald's at the mall in Munich where this shooting supposedly took place.

This is the other top story, it contrasts well with the "doom and gloom" reporting that is the top story. Is this to make Donald Trump with his pro-Zionist, anti-ISIS rhetoric, seem on point?  Certainly, at least for some.  Then again, Donald Trump also reenforces the same message.  It is interesting how the media tries to make it seem as if there is a divide between the two on the subject, then again, they always try to make that divide seem so.

1968 was a year a plan was put in place that is being executed day by day.  It appears to be the plan for the buildup to World War III.  It is a path of false flags and blaming it on Islamic terrorism largely.

The Munich "terror" at the Olympics happened in '72, 44-years ago, kind of like how Obama is the '44th' President.

Did you catch the references to McDonald's?  I wonder how many hamburgers today's reporting will sell.  The second largest city in Germany is 'Hamburg', behind 'Berlin'.

They've been reporting this noise on TV for hours now with very few details of anything.

Of course, this shooting comes on July 22, or 22/7.  It reminds of the Reichstag Fire of February 27, 1933, in Germany, a 'false flag' that triggered events leading up to World War II.

22/7 = 3.14

Aside from the '227', the date also has a connection in numerology.

2/27/1933 = 2+27+(1+9+3+3) = 45
7/22/16 = 7+22+16 = 45

These events come 83-years apart, 1933 to 2016.

It is also a date with a life lesson number of '38'.

7/22/2016 = 7+22+(2+0+1+6) = 38