Saturday, July 30, 2016

46 51 52 96 106 123 | Indianapolis police officers shot by off-duty cop, who then fled to Cincinnati, July 29, 2016

This is so strange, because in the last 48-hours, a number of anonymous posters have been commenting that it won't be the Colts in the Super Bowl (Indianapolis), but the Bengals (Cincinnati). Now this bizarre story, about a cop fleeing Indianapolis for Cincinnati after shooting another cop.

What's even more strange, is from Indy to Cinci is about 112 miles.  Houston = 112 (Houston, hosting SB 51)

The gematria of Indianapolis and Cincinnati are fascinating.  Notice how Cincinnati connects to '51'.

Freemason = 42/51/96 (42-year old officer)

Conspiracy = 51/60/123

The name of the officer who did the shooting connects to 'prophecy'.

Adrian = 1+4+9+9+1+5 = 29
Aurs = 1+3+9+1 = 14/23
Adrian Aurs = 43/52 (Prophecy = 52)

Adrian = 1+4+18+9+1+14 = 47
Aurs = 1+21+18+19 = 59
Adrian Aurs = 106 (Prophecy = 106)

The shooting happened Friday, July 29, 2016.

7/29/16 = 7+29+16 = 52 (Adrian Aurs)

The name of the officer telling the story connects to '46', a familiar number.

This photo reminds me of my own forehead when I used to take off my football helmet.  My head is big, so it never fit in any of the helmets correctly.  My forehead and ears would always kill after.  I'm sure many people can relate.


  1. I find it hard to believe that the Bengals will make it. They are perennial chokers, and you know how they like to fuck with Ohio sports fans. Yes I realize the Cavs just won lol, but the Bengals... I don't know. I'm starting to think that we may have the power to make them change the script.

    Maybe Colts vs. Bengals AFC Championship
    Giants vs. Vikings NFC Championship
    I still like the Colts and Vikings. An abnormal amount of connections for those 2 teams have occurred this off-season.

    1. keep going i Guarantee you can find more teams with better connections then the colts in Vikings remember it's was colts vs Giants nine of y'all have a clue

    2. I kinda agree I think the Giants have a chance big not the bengals in Vikings 2 teams who don't draw ratings

    3. Randy A only posts when he tries to mislead, the worst troll of all, even worse than Mike Manning. Fuck you Randy. How much do you losers get paid to hang around here? No one sticks around a blog they don't like for two years...

    4. maybe Colts play Bengals at the Bengals home ground in AFC Championship in late January 2017, and the Colts upset the Bengals to make it into SB51

  2. Zach.. You might find this interesting... check this out!

    Below is a clip from the NFL's official Youtube Page..

    It's a clip of Brock Lesnar during his one and only NFL appearance... A preseason game back in 2004...

    Guess who he played for..... The Minnesota Vikings..

    He also wears the number 69... which is the inverse of Freemason = 96

    Also, the best part, this clip was posted on July 8th,2016... which has a date numerology of 51 (7+8+20+16 = 51) .... Just like Super Bowl 51

    They were also playing the 49ers in the clip, who hosted Super Bowl 50

    More Purple & Gold Symbolism...

    Also, take note that the recent UFC 200 scandal with Jon Jones who was busted for steroid use, but Brock Lesnar was let off the hook.. Another racial story

    Maybe foreshadowing another Black QB VS White QB Super Bowl?

    There may be more symbolism in the score of the game, but that's all I have for now!

    Finally! You will love this!

    This is a clip from the NFL's youtube page on June 29th, 2016...

    It's a clip of Andrew Luck playing Ping Pong against a robot...

    The clip is 41 seconds long... Much like Super Bowl 41 where the colts beat the Bears... and Prince Played at halftime

    Also, in the clip, the announcer says "How Did Andrew Luck Do It" = 223 English Oridinal... the inverse of Skull & Bones + 322 in Super Bowl for Dark Knight Rises, and 322 is the Pawn Stars (131) episode called Colts & Vikings

    The answer to the question "How Did Andrew Luck Do it" by the second announcer, is "Magic" which equals 33

    Finally... remember when Peyton Manning played ping pong in the Nation Wide commercial and says "Epic Comeback Starts Right Here" and then he misses & fails to comeback

    Maybe foreshadowing Eli losing in a comeback against Andrew Luck?

    To top it all off "NationWide" equals 51 in English Reduction.. Again... Much like Super Bowl 51...

    What are your thoughts?

  3. Brock Lesnar Clip ""

    Andrew Luck Clip ""

  4. the bengals drafted corner back william jackson iii in 2016 and he was born in houston and went to the university of houston.
    bengals = 24, jackson was drafted 24th overall
    47 days between jackson's birthday and the 1st round of 2016 draft weekend. (47th super bowl of the modern era and connected to the killer's first name gematria).
    330 days from Jackson's birthday until super bowl 51

  5. also... this is just part of the betting odds for super bowl 51. i wasn't sure if there might be any connection as to why they are so close to one another.

    9. Cincinnati Bengals +$1,800 (18 to 1)
    10. Minnesota Vikings +$2,000 (20 to 1)
    11. Indianapolis Colts +$2,500 (25 to 1)

  6. Today is the 213th day of the year. We shall see what we happens

  7. I like a Bengals Colts AFC Championship game at this point. Btw Zach, have you done any work on Ted Bundy? The serial killer? I saw part of a documentary on him yesterday, looked him up, and noticed immediately that after TEN YEARS on death row he was killed at age 42. Is there more to it?

    1. He did the majority of his killing in the 42nd State, Washington. He started in '74. There's a lot that stands out about Ted Bund, and the date he was killed himself.

  8. This reminds me of the news story about Trump on July 28 where Biden is quoted: "This guy doesn't have a clue about the middle class. Not a clue."

    "Not a clue" is in bold lettering.

    Not a clue = 419 (jewish) = Cincinnati Bengals

    Also ...

    Cincinnati Bengals = 156 (simple) = Six six six, Thirty three, Twenty eight, As above so below

  9. Hey Zach I tried to leave a comment on your post about the strength of schedule with Cincinnati and Arizona at 51%. Also there was a story about a tiger that was supposedly seen walking around Houston. Andy Dalton is from Katy Texas.

    1. Yes, I haven't forgotten the Tiger that ended up in Houston. It supposedly ended up there after leaving Florida. Good connections!

    2. wrong it wasnt from florida they were two seperate articles. this is the kind of shit im talking about. so many critical errors in your work its not even funny

  10. Another great article find. I still like Colts and Vikings right now, because of the strong gematria and numerology between the two.
    Wouldn't be surprised if they changed the super bowl narrative to other teams throughout the season.

    In the CNN article is shows a time stamp of 12:10 pm est

    Reversed 121 (revelation)

    Length of video 1:05

    Reversed 51 (Houston)

    If you don't have ad block the ad for the video is 14 seconds.

    Reversed 41 (super bowl)

  11. Indy to cinci - could mean Colts this season and then Bengals next season - idk, just a thought

    1. In my opinion, I doubt "they" will change the script - we are a very small group compared to the mainstream - zach has 24k subscribers on you tube, "they" are gonna follow through with their scripts, look how many fake news stories zach decodes everyday, "they" still put more fake stories out the next day.

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  13. Things to consider when picking the SB

    1. The recent SB always have a manning or Brady

    There are certain x-factors that will affect the path of contenders from injuries to suspensions
    And or death.

    NFC first clear room for Giants.
    1. Cowboys are a mess on D
    2.Curt cousins did not get his deal
    3. Carolina get's Benjamin back lose Norman but still in shape to make noise but history not on their side.
    4. Packers lost jordy Nelson and there are still question with Defense.
    5. Seattle is healthy but no lynch no locket and gram coming back from injury
    6. Saints , Falcons and Arizona will play well but not in it Arizona is s year away.
    7. Vikings have two big time additions tredwell and Alexander shut down corner.
    On AFC
    1. Patriots losing Brady will require Brady to go 12-0 which is not impossible and pats played in Houston in 2004 vs Carolina hmmm.

    2. Pitt has levian on suspension , brown needs contract and the defense is very young.
    3. Ravens have questions all over the field flaaco back from acl
    4. Bengals could surprise everyone they have solid team if Andy is healthy
    5. Jaguars , raiders, jets will make noise but usual choke
    6. Colts offense should be better offensive line still issue and the D is not anything special
    7. Bills are loaded could surprise teams

    This season is wide open so a colts vs Vikings would not surprise.

  14. When I think of cincy I think of these stories.
    1. Dalton back from injury
    2. Pete rose denied hall and the ichiro back slap.
    3.8 family members killed that still have no leads or suspects
    4. Gorilla killed at the zoo
    5. Harrison accused of HGH (Peyton cleared)three things stand out. He's known as a silver back gorilla and he also is avid gun owner , son was mauled by his pit bull.
    6. Police shootings in cincy
    7. Bengals qb coach went to raiders

    Their division is going to be tough as usual.

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  16. If you idiots think the nfl wants the thugs on cinn to win a title you are nuts. Burfict and Pacman Jones arent getting a ring for that miserable city. They are the epitome of thugs and gangsters on that team, NFL wont glorify that

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  18. It is a misdirect. 112.3 miles, that is a CONSPIRACY confirmation. Rabbit-Hole to Nowhere.

  19. Agree!

    Btw bama will repeat .
    OJ Howard sent out the clue to the championship.

  20. This is why I continue to tell all of you just wait until the season starts first colts vs Giants then Vikings now bengals

  21. Gary the numbers guy, just tweeted that the colts will Not win the super bowl ...

    1. Lol everyone is making predictions this off season zach rfg in a million others on YouTube I can't wait for football

  22. Are there any connections to Gorilla being killed at the Cincinatti zoo to this Superbowl? Im now thinking Cincy vs Viking bc if you watched both playoff games last season they looked rigged..cincy lost due to bad officiating vikings lost due to botched field goal attempt which was not even close..And i dont want to hear but the lacesvwere in bc the kicker was actually made a kick even further with the laces in

    1. Maybe connects to seattle seahawks with the zoo..And the brookside zoo being in Chicago..bears aint making the playoffs let alone the superbowl..but the cubs may win thevworkd series

    2. Sb 51 is on a date with 44 connects withGregg from the Cincy Zoo article

    3. Cinn is too black to make the sb. NFL wont allow a gangster black team to make sb

  23. Are there any connections to Gorilla being killed at the Cincinatti zoo to this Superbowl? Im now thinking Cincy vs Viking bc if you watched both playoff games last season they looked rigged..cincy lost due to bad officiating vikings lost due to botched field goal attempt which was not even close..And i dont want to hear but the lacesvwere in bc the kicker was actually made a kick even further with the laces in

  24. For those who think TPTB would change the script because more people are consciously aware of their agenda or that more money is on one team, look at this and think again:

    Sports betting is only a very tiny portion of the total handle. In that example above, sports is only 1.6% of the total winnings...and that's ALL SPORTS COMBINED. The main purpose of sports is to act as a PSYOP/distraction and to perform their rituals. The Super Bowl and its halftime show is the biggest ritual of them all.

    1. The bottom line is you can't use the money factor to determine who will win. I've noticed before every Super Bowl, ESPN and the media always reports how much money is being bet on the game and how high the ratings will be. The fact that the mainstream media is talking about it means it's a sham just like all other news stories.

  25. Perhaps Indy Colts (AFC south) travel to the Bengals (AFC north) home stadium, to play in the AFC Championship - in late January 2017. And the Colts 'upset' the Bengals to goto SB51


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