Sunday, July 24, 2016

555 | 2016 U.S. Olympic Team consists of 555-members (Brio, Brazil)

I can't help but think of all the '5' symbolism in Washington D.C.

NEW = 14+5+23.... or 5+5+5....
Pentagon = 5 sided, 5 above ground floors, 5 acre court in the middle
Washington Monument is 555-ft above ground, 111-ft below


  1. 555 years ago was 1461. In March of 1461, during one of the bloodiest periods (no pun intended) of the "Wars of the Roses", Edward, Duke of York, deposed Henry VI as King of England, and later defeated Queen Margaret in one of the most brutal battles in the history of England, the Battle of Towton.

    Battle of Towton = 188 (predates the Bavarian Illuminati, but still interesting)
    Wars of the Roses = 1555 (Jewish Gematria)(555)

    Also of note: 7/22 saw a regime change in France from Charles VII to Louis XI (722 227, CHARLES)

    In August, the last remaining Roman outpost fell in the Empire of Trebizond (the last part of the Byzantine Empire which had formally been under Constantine and the Eastern Roman Empire)(I always equate the Roman Empire to USA)

    1. Wars of the Roses = 74, 191 as well

    2. 555 years is also 6660 Months

  2. 555 athletes above, and one shudders to think of what they're planning for the 111 athletes below.

  3. Dennis Denny green
    D555is d555ny gr555

    Remember that slipknot song that went "if you're 555 then I'm 666"??? Thinks it's called heretic anthem

  4. can you check Chris Sale incident? it makes him pitch on Thursday versus the Cubs.

    thank you

    1. The uniforms he cut up were from "76"

      76=67 or 13

      76 also ties into Philadelphia which is where DNC is taking place and D green died at age 67.

      Trump brought up the constitution in his speech.

      Probably another clue, white sox are obamas team, Chicago gun violence in the news recently.

      Any others chime in?

  5. From Sept/11/2015 to the day the Olympics start, August/5/2016, is 329 days. Athletes=329(jewish)