Sunday, July 17, 2016

56 137 | The three deceased offers reportedly in Baton Rouge, July 17, 2016

Pythagorean Gematria:

Matthew = 4+1+2+2+8+5+5 = 27
Gerald = 7+5+9+1+3+4 = 29
Matthew Gerald = 56 (Black Lives Matter)

Montrell = 4+6+5+2+9+5+3+3 = 37 (Alton Sterling's age)
Jackson = 1+1+3+2+1+6+5 = 19/28/37
Montrell Jackson = 56/65/74 (Black Lives Matter = 56/65/74)

Brad = 2+9+1+4 = 16
Garafola = 7+1+9+1+6+6+3+1 = 34 (Murder)
Brad Garafola = 50

Simple English Gematria:

Matthew = 13+1+20+20+8+5+23 = 90
Gerald = 7+5+18+1+12+4 = 47
Matthew Gerald = 137 (33rd Prime Number)

Montrell = 13+15+14+20+18+5+12+12 = 109
Jackson = 10+1+3+11+19+15+14 = 73
Montrell Jackson = 182

Brad = 2+18+1+4 = 25
Garafola = 7+1+18+1+6+15+12+1 = 61
Brad Garafola = 86 (Symbol) (Triangle) (Pyramid)


  1. I am trying to put in some work on possible next targets. I do believe Philly is primed for the States, and ever since the All-Star Game and the misworded Canadian Anthem, I have been looking for a city up North.

    Now the name Montrell is setting off a Montreal alarm, and trust me when I tell you, Montreal is the city that will experince the Canadian 9/11. I will put my work on the city together, I am still in the digging stage, but everything from the nicknames to the mayor spells trouble. And his birthday is on the 25th, and lately the attacks have been close to the mayor's birthdays. He is also the 44th mayor. More to come...

    1. Montrell=Montreal
      Jackson=73--Montreal sits on 73°W

    2. Montreal-98, 588, 326
      Montreal, Quebec-151, 906, 611
      Montreal, Quebec, Canada-175, 1050, 661

      Sin City-99, 594, 651
      City of Saints-160, 960, 898
      Metropolis-152, 8521, 494
      Quebec's Metropolis-214,1284, 869(Nine Eleven)

      Points of Interest
      Notre Dame Basilica-151, 906, 450
      Jacgues Cartier Bridge-195, 1170, 1354
      Clocktower-125, 750, 1221
      Olympic Stadium-180, 1080, 1006

      Le Mayor
      Denis-51, 306, 148
      Coderre-68, 408, 227
      Denis Coderre-119, 714(777), 375(Mark of the Beast)
      44th Mayor
      52 years old, 53 in 7 days


      Montreal had the whole English/French thing going on as well. Not to mention the French Connection.

      Uh-oh, time to Wiki that movie...

  2. This is just me, but has anyone noticed that the colour turquoise or teal blue is being shown alot on CNN? There is always someone wearing the colour in the shot or the reporters and commentators are wearing it. I'm wondering if anyone knows what it means.

    1. It should say, is it just me or has anyone noticed that the colour turquoise or teal blue is being shown alot on CNN?

  3. Now the officer involved in the Freddie Gray hoax was cleared. Yet another racially divisive psyop for the sheep to eat up.

  4. When I think of Montreal I think of the Alou family

    1. Def. The Expos had that red, white, and blue masonic coloring. And from what I understand, they are actually the Rojas, but a misunderstanding when they came to Play Ball led them to being the Alou family, their mothers last name.


    2. Thanks L.O.A!
      Btw I just saw a birthing commercial with two kids. One kid asked the other " where do babies come from" kid replies " FRANCE" babies come from "France , repeats and points at map France"

      Thought it was unusual! Let me fine the link.


      Got it

    4. @L.O.A and Zack.

      I watched the video of the Baton Rouge shooter , he's kind of thin , small neck , slim tattooed arms.

      Then I watched some clips of the " suspect dressed in black tactical gear with rifle in arms"

      Amazingly I noticed one thing. Guy with mask has some really large biceps! He's a big fella.
      Not sure if anyone else noticed. It's freaking glaring right at everyone.

    5. This is there too 😈
      Montreal Masonic Memorial Temple

    6. Can't forget Pedro Martinez.
      He's 44 years old .. Oh ohhh.
      Was recently inducted to H.O.F
      Played for "5" teams