Monday, July 18, 2016

96 | CNN's article on three dead officers in Baton Rouge, 'These are trying times'

Freemason = 96; Knowledge = 96; Satanism = 96


  1. Sub-headline further down the page,
    'No place for more violence' = 241.
    241 = the 53rd prime. Shooting is 53 days after the Blue Lives Matter bill.

    Montrell Jacksons words apparently, 'If you need a hug ... I got you' = 109. 'Montrell' = 109
    His uncle in named, 'Charles Cavalier' = 137 ( 33rd prime )
    Jackson apparently loved the 'New Orleans Saints' = 64
    His brothers name, 'Kedrick Pitts' = 64

    Second officer, 'Matthew Gerald' = 137 ( 33rd prime )
    He was 41 ( 13th prime ).
    'Forty One' = 731 in Jewish ( reflection of 137 ) . 'Forty One' = 118 simple

    Third one they put Deputy in front of his name.
    'Deputy Brad Garafola' = 177 ( Like the date 17/7 )
    From the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office.
    'East Baton Rouge' = 731 in Jewish ( reflection of 137, 33rd prime )

    With all the recent 84 or 8/4 ( August 4th ) ...
    From the Oklahoma City bombing of April 19th 1995, to August 4th 2016 = 7777 days or 1111 weeks ( exact ) .. spooky

    All the best, Dar!

    1. Thanks again Dar, you're the man.

    2. Mayor of Montreal will be 53 next Monday.

      Montreal Massacre--177, 1062, 626

      From the day Montreal was founded to the day the Mayor was born is 117, 301 days.
      To his next birthday is 136,660 days.

      His birthday comes 69 days after the city's founding day or 9 weeks 6 days. His birthday is 296 days before the citys 375th founding day.

      Je Suis Montreal---181

    3. 'Charles Cavalier' may be a great tie-in to the NBA and royalty programming.

      And yes Lord, Montreal may be an up coming event.

      Notice the 53:
      Quebec -- 53 SE / 26 PY / 285 JE

      Montreal Quebec -- 151/61/611

      Maybe a November 6th code.

      11/6/2016 is 311 days since start of year and 55 days til end of year

      11/6/2016 - 11+6+20+16 = 53 (Quebec, Mayor's age)
      11/6/2016 - 11+6+2+1+6 = 26
      11/6/2016 - 1+1+6+2+1+6 = 17
      11/6/16 - 11+6+16 = 33 (you know)

      Some interesting numbers
      Mason (26,17)
      God (26,61)

    4. 7's everywhere

      From Oklahoma bombing April 19th 1995, to August 3rd/4th 2016 = 7777 days. 'Timothy McVeigh' = 177

      From September 11th 2001, to August 3rd/4th 2016 = 777 weeks ( Exactly )

      Could be the next big thumper ... Running a story of 50/100 people getting shot by crazed gunman, ain't gonna do enough fear/law damage any more ...
      They need another big bang, or a landmark building/symbol to crumble, or something along those lines.

      Either August 3rd or 4th, are lined up with a bag of 7's ...

    5. Feck it's 777 weeks and 1 day after 9/11 to Obama's 55th birthday ... still bit spooky ... prob just code for them to go meet in Buckingham Palace for a big fat Royal Vietnam-Sambo, with the Queen in the middle Orgy! Disgusting feckers :)

  2. Hey Zach have you seen this guy that committed the murders? He has a YouTube channel, goes by convos with Cosmo

    1. Great work, I was trying to read the first word!

  3. Did you know the song Zombie was composed in E Minor(74) with a tempo of 84 beats per minute?

  4. 7/1+7/1+6 = 787= Freemasonry
    Scott Cawthon, a game developer who made "Five Nights At Freddy's", which was popular in 2014 on YouTube, has an age of 44(a kill number). His birthday is July 26, 2016.
    7/2+6/1+6 equals 787. This is linked to the Baton Rouge second racial attack. This pattern is just the beginning. To see more, go to my blog;

  5. of course he was a father, of course he was a patriot. if there was a woman who was "killed" she would have been pregnant. the laughs just keep on comin.

  6. Special FBI agent in charge of this case is Jeff Sallet. He just joinied the live press conference. They are trying so hard to sell this hoax. Smh

    Jeff Sallet = 33 (English Reduction)
    Jeff Sallet = 96 (English Ordinal)

  7. Someone has to say it, that is the most retarded picture of a cop I have ever seen.

    Retarded Police-135

    Special Police--335J

    1. ha :D Was first thing I thought lookin at it ... 'The fuckidy feck is wrong wit that lad's eyeballs' :D ha

    2. The guy on the right looks like the D.J. lad from that movie, 'Event Horizon', Jason Isaacs his name is ... 'Jason Isaacs' = 666 ;) ... just messin, ha. Does look like him though :P

    3. lol, the political correctness in me made me avoid the subject.

    4. I used to have a giant water pipe named Event Horizon. I dig that flick. And that does look like him.

    5. ha :) ... They always have a guy like the biggles in the middle. A big burger chin, goitre neck & military buzz cut hair-do. The dedicated, hard working & honest cop image ... but he just looks like a fat mess with a cub scout badge ... & a pen!

    6. ha :) The eyes and eyebrows look exact like Isaacs :D Maybe they shopped the cops