Monday, July 18, 2016

33 53 213 | Gavin Long's YouTube rants, "Convos with Cosmo", and his TMT hat (How hoaxes are coded with gematria)

Pictured above is Gavin Long, the supposed police shooter, with the "long" rifle.

TMT = 20+13+20 = 53 (TM = 33)
Gavin = 7+1+22+9+14 = 53
Shooting = 1/10+8+6+6+2+9+5+7 = 44/53

Again, this shooting came 53-days after the Blue Lives Matter bill, signed in Louisiana, May 26, 2016.

It is the Freemasons who code this way.

The Convos with Cosmo backdrop is interesting as well, 'CWC'.  It has the '213' coding and more.

C = 3
W = 23

CWC = 3 23 3

7/17/2016 = 7+17+(2+0+1+6) = 33

Read about '213' and the deaths of young black men.

Death of Moses Malone and Kobe's 60 point retirement game:


  1. I really hate this Sheriff David Clarke guy that they keep bringing out after all these hoaxes. The "cops can do no wrong" crowd loves sharing his interviews.

  2. There is a full moon in Capricorn tomorrow 7/19
    Capricorn is ruled by Saturn
    The time span between 7/19/2016 and 9/1/2016 is 44 days
    9/1 =91
    "Make America great again" = 91 a lot like 9/1

    Public Square=144

    1. Looks like we will be seeing many more hoaxes coming our way.....

  3. I spent a couple hours looking into the next golf tournament coming up on July21-24 called the RBC Canadian Open. One of the American golfers, Dustin Johnson, has a birth numerology of 32. The span of days from his birthday, June 22nd, to the last day of the tournament, July 24th, is 32 days. America=32. He also has two first place finishes in his career(in b2b tournaments last month). His birthdate also breaks down to the number 131 which is the 32nd prime. He is also 32 years old. Johnson= 23 RBC=23 Open=23 twenty sixteen=203
    One of the Sponsors of the tournament is Taylor Made.
    I think I'm onto something, but I'm haven't done any research yet on the rest of the field. If you could look into this I would really appreciate it since D. Johnson is +950 to win the tournament right now.
    The connections are there but I would like your opinion.

    1. I pointed out that he has two first place finishes in his career. Third= 32

    2. Great findings! I am going to look into this too.

    3. Pretty good find I think. I'll look into it (try) tommorow :-)

    4. Here are a few more 23/32 connections
      The golf course is a 'par 72'
      "Par Seventy Two" = 203
      The place of the event
      "Oakville Ontario Canada" = 203
      He is from
      "Columbia South Carolina" =232

    5. Nice find, Nick. Another piece of information. I went back and found an article called First Look: RBC Canadian Open. The 72-hole record :
      Johnny Palmer (1952 at St. Charles CC) Johnny= 32
      Scott Piercy (2012 at Hamilton G&CC) Scott= 23
      Tim Clark (2014 at Royal Montreal GC) Tim Clark= 33
      Glen Abbey record: 266, Tiger Woods (2000) Tiger=32

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    7. Also, here's a quote from an article by the Daily Mail on January 21, 2015 on the birth of hi first child.

      Golf's bad boy Dustin Johnson and his fiance Paulina Gretzky have had their first child, it was reported today.
      Paulina Gretzky - the daughter of NHL legend Wayne - gave birth to a boy on Monday just outside Los Angeles.
      However, the child's name is yet to be revealed, with the only detail known being that it starts with a 'T', it was reported by TMZ.
      It comes as 30-year-old Johnson hit back at claims he was twice suspended from golf for cocaine abuse and said he is turning over a new leaf.
      It was previously claimed the couple's baby was due next month after Paulina revealed on Christmas Day on her Instagram that she was having a boy.

      Cocaine= 32 drug= 23
      turning over a new leaf=230 lol

      Please take a look at this event Zach. I think we're on to something, and I'd like to see where this goes considering Dustin Johnson has emerged as an elite golfer very rapidly.

    8. I think a canadian might win the BRC Open after 62 years.
      David Hearn 121/49/40/102
      121/49 - revelation
      40 - golf
      He turned 37 years old june 17, thats 37 days to July 24 the final day of the tourney. Thats also 1 month and 7 days. Kinda like its the 107th Canadian Open. Oh and from June 17 to july 24 its 5 weeks and 2 days... 52 (prophecy)
      The tourney prize fund is also interesting: 5,9 million..59 is the 17th prime number. Again, like the 107th tourney.
      The first Canadian Open was played in 1904, 112 years ago, but due to war they skipped a few times. Anyway, If you do some research you'll find an article titled 'Stars align for Canadian Open' .. which sums to 112. That whole article was prophetic, posted at 5:02 PM july 17 2016.

      17.07.2016 – 17+7+20+16 - 60
      - 17+7+2+1+6 - 33
      - 1+7+7+2+1+6 - 24
      - 17+7+16 – 40 (golf)

      "Canadian Open title drought" equals 112 (from an article from the Ottawa Citizen)

      Last year Hearn was leading thru 54 holes, kinda like their last win in 1954. Then he stumbled and fell to 3rd place. They were talking about the 61 year drought. This year would be his 3rd win.

      David Hearn - 86
      Glen Abbey Golf Course - 86

      A few days ago, 13th canadian player was added to the tourney. 13 is the 6th prime nr. six = 52, 709. 79 is the 22th prime like one of the date numerologies for the final.

      Hearn is 127th on the PGA tour. 127 is the 31st prime !
      The date of the final
      24.07.2016 – 24+7+20+16 - 67
      - 24+7+2+1+6 – 40 (golf)
      - 2+4+7+2+1+6 - 22
      - 24+7+16 - 47

    9. he lead 54 of 72 holes. 72-54= 18 . 18th prime is 61. The 61 year drought last year.

    10. Canadian - 47 (the final day)
      Canada - 24 (the prophetic article's date)

    11. Nice work, riven. What are the odds of having two athletes with ages that also correlate to the date oF the tournament?

    12. it's possible, I haven't really looked into others that much yet, because I have a feeling Hearn will finally win one for Canada.
      Last year when Hearn lost, they said how David held his own against Goliath but couldn't beat Jason.
      Well maybe im looking too into this stuff, but
      "david hearn beats goliath" equals 205 . July 24th, the final day of the tourney is 205th of the year.

    13. I must say I feel betrayed by the numbers. Dude had so many good ones going for him, I was going to post huge connections that i found but now it feels like ive been wasting my time..sigh.

    14. he is about be cut after 2 rounds of play.

    15. Its looking like DJ is going to win it all. I feel like I could make a video on this if I wanted to. I found way more connections than I thought I would.

    16. well maybe post some of those connections you found?
      anyway, for David Haern, even the promo video seemed to hint at him winning, like how the video was 1:33 long and the dude appeared in it exactly at 1:06 etc . it was amazing how well it all went.

    17. This is in connection to my previous posts on why i thought Johnson would win the RBC tournament and the synchronicity to the #32. I also found the #54,45 connection to Johnson winning.
      -On Day 1, Johnson finished tied for first at -6 with 66 strokes. six six=32 tied at first=131(which is his birth numerology)(and the 32nd prime)
      -He had a clip on espn with the headline "DJ attacks the flagstick." It was a clip of a beautiful swing from long distance and almost getting it in the tee, but the ball instead bounced off the flag and came. off. "DJ attacks the flagstick"= 66(like strokes)
      The clip was 23 seconds long..
      -On Day 2, Johnson finished the day with 71 strokes. Seventy One= 45
      -There was an article published that anyone can find if you search "Paulina Sealed Dustin Johnson's USopen with kiss" It's an article on his last win on June 19th(Father's Day) sealed kiss=32
      "Family Matters"=54,203(like 23 or 32)
      "Best Father's Day Ever"= 95
      The purse for the current tournament is 5.9 mil.
      -Fifty Nine=54
      Seventy One=45(amount of strokes in Day 2 of RBC)

      Here is where it gets tricky.
      On 7/22, Sportscenter referenced the Dodgers losing to the Cardinals in the 16th inning by a walkoff from Matt Adams.
      -twenty sixteen= 203(like 23 or 32)(Johnson)
      -Matt= 54
      -One of the guys on the show was doing commentary on a clip and he said something random that felt completely out of place. He said something along the lines of "It's like Katt Williams getting beat up." Also, the number one play of the night was of Joc Pederson of the Dodgers chasing a ball down with a diving catch.
      -Katt "Williams"=98
      -Pederson was said to have ran 90.8 feet LOL
      -The span of days from 7/22-8/31(Matt Adam's bday) is 5 weeks and 5 days.
      -"Nine Eight"=55
      -Katt Williams' birthday is on 9/2. From yesterday's date to 9/2 is 42 days.(like one of William's birth numerology numbers)
      -Katt Williams is 44. Forty four=54
      Dennis Green dies at age 67. He coached for 13 seasons. thirteen=45
      -One three=45
      -major league=45
      -Giancarlo Stanton won the home run derby. Giancarlo=45

      Also, the Astros were brought up on sportscenter on 7/22 about the fact that they are now only 2.5 games back of first place.
      -Two and a half=42(Katt Williams' birth number)
      -7/22 can be written as 22/7. 227 is the 49th prime.
      forty nine=54... LOL

      And last but not least... it was announced yesterday that Le'Veon Bell will be suspended for 4 games.

      -Bell is 24 years old(can be flipped to 42)
      -He was born on 2/18/1992; his birth numerology is almost IDENTICAL to Dustin Johnson's?!!

      Le'Veon Bell- 32,41, 112, 131
      Dustin Johnson- 32,112,131

    18. 23,32,42,45,54,55

      -I also forgot to mention that the author of said article on usatoday, about Dustin Johnson on June 19th, has a name Nina Mandell=45

    19. well lets see how it all plays out. tho there's still a chance that my first sentence could be coming true 'I think a canadian might win the RBC Open after 62 years' as Jared du Toit is currently second. found some interesting numbers on him aswell, maybe the Hearn prophecy was about the revelation of Jared du Toit.

      amateur wins the canadian open - 112, 274..a lil flip and you get 247, like today's date.
      Golf Canada's national amateur squad - 112
      the top Canuck - 47, 137(33rd prime, his birth numerology has 33. 47 is today's numerology.

      from his birthday to today is 63 days, 2months 2 days, 9 weeks. (1-63 adds to 2016)

      whats also interesting is how he won the Glencoe Invitational 36 days ago on June 18. 1-36 adds to 666. And whats even more interesting is how 61 golfers combined for three times as many bogeys (992) as birdies (326)...thats a difference of 666. And theres also that 61 of last year's Canadian open drought.

      there's probaly lots more, haven't had much time.

    20. 'VEGAS wins Canadian Open' ..mocking us right in our faces wow. Ofcourse VEGAS won the money with people betting on Jason Day and DJ.

    21. I know right?! But honestly I think DJ was suppose to come back at the end. They mentioned DJ being "the comback kid". He eagled in the 16th to put him in striking distance. And he needed one more eagle in the 18th where his shot was straight on but short by 12 inches.
      Maybe the ones who control the magnets will get fired today lol. Idk..

    22. well 'Vegas wins canadian open' equals 216, I think since its all rigged it ends the way it was meant to..just short for DJ.

  4. Looks like he's doing the pyramid hand sign too.

  5. Hi zack. How can i send you email please?

  6. TMT is a reference to "The Money Team"

    The Money Team -- 144/54/774

    A company started by Floyd Mayweather to sell hats and T-shirts?
    Floyd -- 62/26/480
    Mayweather -- 119/47/1530
    Floyd Mayweather -- 181/73/2010
    Floyd Mayweather Jr -- 209/83/2690

    An article were Mayweather says that Long wasn't a member of TMT

    Cop Killer is NOT a Member of TMT -- 309/120/985

    Floyd Mayweather Cop Killer is NOT a Member of TMT -- 490/193/2995

  7. Well, this is kind-of "out there" but it reminded me of:
    Fairly Odd Parents cartoon
    3/30/2001 start like 333

    3/30/2001 to 9/11/2001 is 166 days

    3/30/2001 to 7/17/2016 is 5589 days

    "Cosmo" is one of the lead characters and a very unusual name these days, that I couldn't help but see a correlation.