Friday, July 15, 2016

Pokemon Go tragedies in the media; car crash and cliff fall, July 14, 2016 reporting


  1. Two Men ages 21 & 22 consuming alcohol?

    "Two Men" = 90
    "Ninety" = 33

    "Age Twenty One" = 55 or [7 + 7 + 7 = 21]
    "Seven plus Seven plus Seven" = 88
    "Poison" = 88 = "Program" = "Trump" = 88

    "Age Twenty Two" = 52 [Prophecy]

    "One Man" = 26 & 62 [Reflections]
    "Alcohol" = 66 [If a Six was Nine]

  2. Reminds me of the 10 Little Monkeys song. One by one the zombies keep falling off the bed.

  3. Pokemon Go
    Gematria Jewish 302
    Gematria Reduction 48
    Gematria Summerian 666
    Gematria Ordinal 111
    Gematria English 372

    Gematria Jewish 250
    Gematria Reduction 30
    Gematria Summerian 450
    Gematria Ordinal 75
    Gematria English 300

    Gematria Jewish 340
    Gematria Reduction 31
    Gematria Summerian 564
    Gematria Ordinal 94
    Gematria English 400

    Gematria Jewish 172
    Gematria Reduction 30
    Gematria Summerian 342
    Gematria Ordinal 57
    Gematria English 282

    Gematria Jewish 262
    Gematria Reduction 31
    Gematria Summerian 456
    Gematria Ordinal 76
    Gematria English 382

    I was looking for a gematria common denominator between the game and it's players. No luck.

    1. Well, you do like Zach and keep documenting if/when something comes up so you can connect it later. That much stupid attributed to one thing cannot be nothing.
      All we can do is code the snot out of everything and try to establish patterns. I wish they were more evident, but I guess that's the point of their game. Grrrrr

  4. E Street around 1:12pm, found 80 to 90 ft. Down?

    112 [911 Alt Dialing Code]

    at 1:12pm is the 792 Minute:
    "Seven Nine Two" = 57 & 165 [NWO Championship] and we all know what that means no?

    613 is the 112th Prime:
    "Six One Three" = 142
    "Forty Two" = 142 [Who are the 42's?]

    From 80 ft. to 90 ft. is 10 ft.:
    "Ten" = 39 & 234 [234 + 432 = 666]

    "Ten Feet Further Down" = 227 <===

    "Eighty Feet" = 110 <===
    "Ninety Feet" = 51 & 123 [Exact Match to "Conspiracy"]

    "Ninety Feet Down" = 71 & 174 [New World Order" = 174]
    "Seventy One" = 144

    71 is the 20th Prime, and 353 is the 71st Prime:

    "Eighty to Ninety Feet" = 115 = "Scottish Rite Freemasonry"

    Hanppend at E Street:
    "E Street" = 29 & 92 [Reflections]
    "Cliff at E Street" = 59 & 149 [Kill for Skull & Bones]

    109 is the 29th Prime, and 479 is the 92nd Prime.
    "Twenty Nine" = 50 & 149 [Similar to "Cliff at E Street"]

    "Ninety Two" = 46 & 145
    "Obama gets Shot" = 46 & 145 <===

  5. I'm sure this Pokemon thing is some sort of Ritual they are making the people participate in.

    PokemonGO =666. Nintendo =95. PokemonGO =590. Pokemon Created in '95.

  6. It's probably also a good opportunity to remind people to pay attention to their surroundings. What's going on where u are, what songs r playing, what conversations do u hear, what is tempeture, what are u thinking about right now at this moment why were u thinking it? Do u remember how u got on to this train of thought?
    It's a good thing to do every so often thru out the day. It trains u to trust your senses I think so u don't have to rely on other people's opinions so much. I find it helpful anyway

  7. They launched this weapon of mass distraction in the US, aimed at the Bernie demographic, days before he drops out.

    Reward: over $10b in market cap for Nintendo.

  8. Deflate gate is finally over, brady is no longer fighting back.

    1. Im sure it can have some meaning.

    2. Patriots are primed to

      Survive---116, 1784J

      Without Brady.

    3. Hey Brandon and The Lord of Allusion, check us out on . We talk sports predictions.

  9. I predicted yesterday to my coworkers people would die in car crashes and by falling of cliffs playing this game... Amazing we get a story about it a day later. What's really the purpose of this existing other than wasting time and tracking/spying on people further?

    1. For parents to prevent their kids to stop playing which also prevents them from getting physical activity?

  10. You said you were formerly a teacher right? I just saw your video on Stillwater, OK. I think it'd be cool if you were to visit universities and give lectures on gematria.

  11. At least people are out of the house and getting exercise.

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  13. Ok, I'm sure no one here will admit they played the game. For one second think about this. Churches are loaded with Pokemon characters. It's bringing kids to Church. Is it a joke? Or intended? I do not think this has anything to do with Freemasons or Zionists, this is Nintendo mushroom stamping Apple with a great marketing ploy to buy those Mini - Nintendo consoles. And take them over on the app list. This is planned Capitalism not the grips of Socialism. I feel the stories are definitely made up and handed out to the media, but to sell shit. Not going to be race war codes or Trump codes or kill codes, but you guys love typing phrases into the calculators. So do I, but quoted CNN headlines' seem to have been more successful. Less translation is better. Once you pull a phrase into numbers and add and subtract, multiply and divide. The code and meaning is often lost. Look at 'Christians' and where translation got them, about 75 different biblical versions and people like D. Koresh who get a bad rapport.

    1. Go = G, 33, O DROP THE ZERO. 33 Free and Accepted Masons right? No f that, it's my Green Bay Packer code. Pack and Texans SB51.

    2. Go = G, 33, O DROP THE ZERO. 33 Free and Accepted Masons right? No f that, it's my Green Bay Packer code. Pack and Texans SB51.

  14. Pokemon Go is now a days most popular why? did you know?