Tuesday, September 13, 2016

113 | Protesters crash Lochte's debut on Dancing with the Stars (How the Jewish media distracts the "goy")

Mainstream = 113; Dishonest = 113; Protest = 113

You truly have to be retarded to not see through news stories like this.  It is so obvious all of this is a planned distraction.  No one even knew who this guy was before the "Rio false robbery scandal".

Ha, 2:27!

22 divided by 7.... = Pi
Pi = circles and cycles of bullshit in the media



  1. These guys were so upset the made T Shirts! Lol

    Such an obvious PR move, everyone's shocked and upset (puke) then that douche gets to talk about how sorry he is, and all the ladies hug him and talk forgiveness, all designed to:
    1. Give everyone a case of the feelgoods and revive his "brand"
    2. Get people talking about the Rio Olympics again (and the fake robbery)
    3. Get people to watch that stupid show because a "shocking" thing happened
    4. The hired protesters have Arabic sounding names, just like America's new super genius arch nemesis Isis ooo scary.

    1. 5. Another opportunity for the sheeple to focus on what doesn't matter while never paying attention to what does.

    2. Right, and that is the most important one.

  2. Did u do a post on Jon Benets brother appearing on Dr Phil? My mom watched it and commented on how twitchy and weird the guy Burke acted and how strange he was. I looked at some of it online and I think my mom had a case of uncanny valley because that dude has a very CGI look to him. Like a slightly better done computer game character.

    Edward Snowden is another one that I think is a total CGI character. That dude looks flat out fake and the backgrounds behind him were wrong.

  3. Ryan = 22 (ER)
    Dancing With The Stars = 87 (ER), 222 (EO)
    Clinton = 87 (EO)

    Funny how all of these current stories connect.

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