Wednesday, September 7, 2016

156 | Trump, Clinton clash on national security, September 7, 2016

False Flag = 156; Thirty-Three = 156; As Above, So Below = 156

Military = 107 (1:07)


  1. I found this connection with Blanchard, he played 110 games in his career, Andrew Luck has a 9/12 birthday which leaves 110 days left in the year.

    We just had the 50th super bowl and from 50+ yards Blanchard was 10-18 a lot like 118 which makes me think of Sam Bradford's 11/8 birthday.

  2. Hillary is wearing a red dress, and Trump wears a red and white striped tie, while discussing national security.

    How appropriate as red is the color of the base Chakra which is concerned with security and feeling safe.

  3. Trump's always open mouth and bird nest fluff hair resemble a newborn chicken to me.

  4. @Pru

    You meant Trump reminds you of :

    Angry Bird=98 like today's date ? 9/8 lol

    1. Sometimes I swear it looks like an egg is going to fly out of his mouth.

  5. Great work as usual Zach! You've inspired me to start a blog. I linked a few articles to your Facebook page. I know you're busy, but I think you'll love the entries so far. Always give you credit! Congratulations on the radio show as well! I'll call in next Wed! Here is my blog. I'm John Jackson for the Kobe Video..