Wednesday, September 7, 2016

98 144 | Daldykan River turns bright red (Russia), September 8, 2016

The river supposedly turned red September 6, made the evening news late September 7, and became a mainstream story September 8.

9/6/2016 = 9+6+20+16 = 51 (Conspiracy)
9/6/2016 = 9+6+2+0+1+6 = 24 (Russia = 24/42)

The date September 6 is an awful lot like '96' or '69', depending on if written 9/6 or 6/9.  It is also the date Putin's favorite driver was killed in a car crash.

The divisors of '42', connecting to 'Freemason' and 'Russia', also sum to '96'.

Russia = 24/42
The beast rules for '42' months in Revelation (42-line Bibles) (New Testament = 42)

This news comes on September 8, 2016, the date that is the Virgin Mary's birthday.  Recall, her son could turn water into wine.  The date September 8 can be written 9/8.  Notice the name of the town in gematria sums to '98'.

The date September 8 can also be written 8/9, connecting to religion.  The numerology of the date also connects to the word 'religion'.

9/8/2016 = 9+8+20+16 = 53
9/8/16 = 9+8+16 = 33

In Revelation, the final book of the Bible, the story of what will happen in the end times before the return of Jesus, there is mention of rivers turning to blood.

The name of the river also has standout gematria.

Let us not forget the "Union of Soviet Socialist Republics".

If you write out '44', it sums to '144'.

This interesting because Norilsk sums to '44'.

Norilsk = 5+6+9+9+3+1/10+2 = 35/44

144 is connected to killing, and the blood red river has an obvious subliminal parallel.  The blood of Christ, shed for you?

144 is also connected to 'time'.  This story comes on a fitting date, at a fitting time.  Russia has been big in the headlines the last few days.

The river also has gematria of '63', connecting to the age of Putin.

This incident came 31-days before the President's birthday.

9/6/16 = 9+6+16 = 31

'Alabama' football are the 'Crimson Tide' and they won the college championship just before the Super Bowl this past season.  They won their 16th championship to start '16.

The name Crimson Tide also comes back to 'America'.

From the championship game to the date of the river incident was 239-days.

'239' is that number connected to the Zionists, fulfilling their own manmade prophecy.

Think about the film 'Crimson Tide', having to do with military hostilities between Russia and the United States.

5/12/1995 = 5+12+19+95 = 131 (131, 32nd prime) (America = 32) (Super Bowl)
5/12/1995 = 5+12+(1+9+9+5) = 41 (41, 13th prime) (USA = 41) (Super Bowl)
5/12/1995 = 5/12/1995 = 5+1+2+1+9+9+5 = 32 (America)
5/12/95 = 5+12+95 = 112 (Zionist) (Houston) (Super Bowl 51 in Houston)

This story reminds me of the Gold King Mine river disaster last year, that was a tribute to the Broncos Super Bowl.  Interesting that the Broncos play later today, facing the same team they faced in the Super Bowl, the Carolina Panthers.  Read about that incident from last year here:

The mention of 'Crimson Tide' also reminds of the Alabama team that won the College Football National Championship, which had major parallels with the Super Bowl.


  1. Something I just stumbled upon and found very interesting and not sure if it was documented by you Zachary.

    Video on First take with Steven a Smith. Shaq has a 33 year record that a past teammate of his has won the championship, most recent of course the Cavs. I forgot he was Lebrons teammate back in the day.

    Warriors and Cavs are still favorites to meet in the finals again for obvious reasons. Too bad both teams have past teammates of Shaqs (Varajeo and LEbron). So unless Varejao gets traded, can't use this for betting purposes.

    Just thought that was interesting, 33 year streak and all.

    1. Wait a minute, Shaq's teammates have gone to championships for 33 years straight? That would mean the streak extends past when he was in the NBA. I think his rookie season was '91 or '92.


      ^Perhaps this will help you guys. He's right. This article was written in 2015, so it says 32 years, but this year made it 33.

    3. Yes started in 1984. Pretty damn crazy. I would have thought nothing of this if I didn't learn your work.

      “When Kite won that championship with Boston in 1984, it ignited a remarkable streak of now 32 consecutive years in which the team that went on to win the NBA title had a former teammate of Shaquille O’Neal on it.”

  2. How can have a 33 year record? Did he break a record that old? He was supposedly living in Africa at that time. Explain more clearly please.

    Shaq is now 44 and From LSU, wore 33 for the magic. LSU just upset by Wisconsin at Lambeau Field with, you guessed it, Aaron Rodgers announcing with a local tv broadcast. My 44 comes from the numerology tied to the date of the game. 2+5+20+17=44

    Back to Russia and news. I thought the Cal Poly story yesterday was odd with the 20 years in the mystery. The G20 summit.

    Digging near the "P" was the internal heading in the story

    Digging near the P = 144 in Simple Gematria, 144 and that also relates to
    Mark of the Beast = 144 Simple Gematria
    Forty four = 144 in S.G.

    44 is all over my super bowl pre-dick. These are opinions friends, but it's cool that this Free To Find Truth Army is growing at an exponential rate. Tons of truthers.

    Also blatant numbering in the cop story out of Oakland.
    4 officers fired and 7 suspended. 47, duh fuqerz. 47 is also everywhere with the modern era of football, and SB51 spunk.

  3. Broncos vs Packers SB 32 rematch. For the the 1997 season was played in 98! Like the article.

    Red river rivalry played by Oklahoma vs Texas
    On 10/8/2016 4weeks or 29 days

  4. Residents, Russian, river, and red, lots of R's in that headline.

    I get the blood of Christ symbology, but red rivers of blood make me think of menstruation.

    All those minerals are supposed to have something to do with it, possibly?

    Periodic table


      Seriously, 144 Thousand is supposedly the number of how many gets 'saved' by Cheesus Chrust..."CHEESUS CHRUST IS LARD!"


      Seriously, 144 Thousand is supposedly the number of how many gets 'saved' by Cheesus Chrust..."CHEESUS CHRUST IS LARD!"

  5. The Buffalo Bills drafted Shaq Lawson first round. The Cavs were named Believeland. The Bills always had the saying We Billieve.
    Giants vs Bills might be possible.

  6. Buddy Ryan was sacrificed by the numbers. You never know.

  7. Shaq is a known Mason so of course they'd make a story of him with 33 involved. ESPN is owned by Disney. Land of 33 and masonic ownership

  8. Revelation 16:4 has the river of blood, maybe 16:3

  9. Crimson Tide's director Tony Scott committed suicide August 19, 2012 by jumping off the Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro, California.

    August 19, 2012 to September 6, 2016 is 1480 days including end date.
    4 years, 19 days
    211 weeks, 3 days

    "The Vincent Thomas Bridge is a 1,500-foot (460 m)-long suspension bridge, crossing the Los Angeles Harbor in the U.S. state of California, linking San Pedro, Los Angeles, with Terminal Island. The bridge is part of State Route 47, which is also known as the Seaside Freeway." (Wikipedia)
    Coordinates: 33°44′58″N 118°16′18″W

    USS Alabama was the name of the US Navy submarine in the film.

    Movie's release to Daldykan river incident:
    May 12, 1995 to September 6, 2016 is 7789 days.
    21 years, 3 months, 26 days
    1112 weeks, 5 days