Thursday, September 8, 2016

28 33 42 47 58 67 156 | 4 police officers fired, 7 suspended in Oakland, CA for "sex scandal"

Let us not forget that Huey P. Newton established the Black Panther Party in Oakland in 1966.

BPP has even more masonic connections.

As for the phrase 'sex scandal', it has some magic behind it too.

Sex = 1+5+6 = 12/21
Scandal = 1+3+1+5+4+1+3 = 18/27
Sex Scandal = 30/48 (Sex = 48) (Propaganda = 48) (Evil = 48) (Illuminati = 48)

4 fired, and 7 suspended, eh?

Recall the significance of 47 to the Freemasons, the same gang that runs most city police in this nation and elsewhere.  The Freemasons have something called Euclid's 47th problem, which is about establishing a foundation.  In this case, this story is adding on to the foundation of the building race war to come.  Let us examine some important '47' words in gematria.

The word 'fired' also had '33' gematria, tying in with police.

The name Brendan O'Brien also sums to the same thing as Freemasonry and other related Freemason propaganda, such as 'Blue Lives Matter'.

Freemasonry = 58/67; Blue Lives Matter = 58/67; Satanic = 67; Blood Sacrifice = 67

The name of the young woman has the '42' stamp.

28!  I think I know why they picked that number.



  1. I went to highschool with a Brendan O'Brien. I wonder how many of the kids I went to school with came from Mason families. East Cobb County, GA, full of money and New York transplants. Seeing them now, alot of those kids grew up to be in the media or the first responder crowd. Usual Suspects.

  2. Brendan O'Brien initials BOB
    Like president Barack OBama

  3. Big Ben had a sex assault investigation in GA.
    Six years ago.

    1. Right up the road from me in Milledgeville, home of the State Department's Looney Bin.

  4. Actually the 28 is for this being the 28th year of the leap years going the complete seven day cycle of days that were on feb 29 which all restarted back in 88 another frequett number and is ending this year also seems to me like it ties in with the whole 24 42 year ago 666 thing