Thursday, September 8, 2016

33 38 47 53 64 74 89 | Alpine High School shooting hoax, Western Texas, September 8, 2016

Here we go again, another school year, and another school shooting to start it off.

As we know, '33' and '74' are often paired together in propaganda.  Today's date has '33' numerology.

9/8/16 = 9+8+16 = 33
9/8/2016 = 9+8+2+0+1+6 = 26 (Lie) (God)
9/8/2016 = 9+8+20+16 = 53 (Shooting = 44/53)

'33' is also the number of the 'false flag'.

By the end of the day, it will likely be one shooter.

The name of the school has gematria corresponding with the date, September 8, written 8/9.

Brewster County has some familiar gematria as well.

Brewster also has gematria connecting to 'death'.

With the s-exception, Brewster sums to '47', the number of foundation in Freemasonry.

Look at the relaxed children.  A clear sign of the bullshit propaganda.

103+30 = 133


  1. "High School Shooting" = 103 = "Government Conspiracy"
    Matches up with the coordinates 103 deg. W

    "High School Shooting" = 121 = "Revelation"
    "High School Shooting" = 211 [47th Prime] <===
    "High School Shooting" = 607 [111th Prime] <===

    "Alpine High School" = 89, 98, & 161
    89 is the 11th Fibonacci [Coded all over 911 Story]

    1.61 is the 'Golden Ratio'

    If you write 89:
    "Eighty Nine" = 116 & 623 J
    "Four Hundred Forty Four" = 116
    "Barack Hussein Obama" = 623 J

    School Shooting with a BHO number?

    They talk about how by 9:40 am:
    That is the 580 minute of the day:
    "Defense Department" = 580 J

    The Post from CNN comes at 11:31 am:
    That is the 691st Minute of a Day:
    "Masonry" = 691 [125th Prime]

    If we look at the Event Title:
    "Alpine High School Shooting" = 133
    "Military Industrial Complex" = 133

    Ties into the Coordinates again:

    "Alpine High School Shooting" = 268 = "Government Terrorism"

    1. @ Jake Lebowski - you have mad skills with gematria - always adding insightful info. Thank you!

    2. Thanks Sue. I try my best. Just trying to live in the real reality.

    3. THIS WAS REAL!! It was not a hoax.
      If you don't think this was real ask my daughter that was in the library. Sitting there with a thin wall between her and the shooter. Ask my daughter that just knew Thursday was going to be her last day to live.
      Before you open your mouth about something, get out of your room,go somewhere and go see for yourself. Idiot!

  2. Alpine, Texas is in Brewster County.

    Brewster" in the English Reduction system equals 38 / 47

    Brewster County" in the English Reduction system equals 64 / 73

    Now check those Coordinates again .

    30+103= .. 133 ..

    103-30= .. 73 .. (Sacrifice =73)

    Government Sacrifice" in the English Reduction system equals 98 (Sep. 8th)

    Government Sacrifice" in the English Ordinal system equals 206

    9+8+(2+0+1+6)= .. 26 ..

    The Word Alpine makes me think of Skiing or The French Alps. Not Texas.

    Skiing" in the English Reduction system equals 33

    9+8+16= .. 33 ..

    No Skiing in Texas" in the English Reduction system equals 73

  3. If you add 30.3585 and 103.6610, it sums to 134.0195. Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017, is 134 days away.

  4. Maybe this shooting is a pre-conditioning for an Avalanche somewhere in the world preceding a Earthquake in Texas. Probably during The World Series like I've been saying?

    No Skiing" in the English Ordinal system equals 98
    (Sep. 8th)

    No Skiing" in the English Reduction system equals 44

    Don't Ski Texas" in the English Reduction system equals 44

    Mountain Skiing" in the English Reduction system equals 68

    Mountain Skiing" in the English Ordinal system equals 176

    Texas Earthquake" in the English Reduction system equals 59 / 68

    Earthquake Avalanche" in the English Reduction system equals 75

    Earthquake Avalanche" in the English Ordinal system equals 174

    Texas Earthquake" in the English Ordinal system equals 176

    1. Alpine = Mountain.

      Earthquake" in the English Ordinal system equals 107

      Earthquake" in the English Reduction system equals 44

      Mountain" in the English Reduction system equals 35

      Mountain" in the English Ordinal system equals 107

      44+35= .. 79 .. (Murder= 79)

      Seven Nine" in the English Ordinal system equals 107

      Seven Nine" in the English Reduction system equals 44

    2. All The References to 1989 lately . Now a Shooting in Texas on (9-8)

      Alpine Texas Earthquake" in the English Reduction system equals 89 / 98

      89+98= .. 187 ..

      Alpine Earthquake" in the English Reduction system equals 74

      and Shooting and Earthquake have the Exact same Gematria 107 & 44


      You'll like this.

    4. Beaver Creek Colorado Alpine Texas" in the English Reduction system equals 133

      Colorado Texas" in the English Reduction system equals 53

  5. Zach thought u would find this article trying to debunk 9/11 conspiracies amusing.

  6. Pine cone , pineal gland, Roman

    French , Italian and Swiss Alps

    Tony Dorsette famous #33 drafted in (77) played for Broncos (88) age 62

    1. Alps = Apls = Apples
      Texas sounds like Techs As

      Apples and technology
      Steve Jobs
      Book of Job
      Jobs/Work/Arbeit Macht Frei
      Concentration camps
      Jews/Juice concentrate
      Orange Juice from Florida
      Cape Canaveral, Florida
      Nasa/Nazi's/Not sees

  7. Tebow to the Mets. The Mets have been playing a lot better lately. I wonder if there's a clue in this Tim Tebow signing.......

  8. This is off topic but it's been on my mind, sorry if it is faulty thinking but tomorrow's date 9/9/2016...if we add 2+1+6 (cos we drop the zero right?), then do we not have 9/9/9? Inverted 6/6/6? Just wondering, could it be 'hit and run' day?

    1. It is not faulty thinking. It is a good way to pick days where staged events happen. I like 9/9/16 because it has 54 & 34 Date Numerology.

      "Forty Four" = 54
      "Murder" = 34 [9th Fibonacci]

      Keep your eye out for the 89 [11th Fibonacci]

      The big events have the 34 & 89 coded in them to make the 9th and 11th Fibonacci's.

      That's why:
      "Al Qaeda Terrorist Attack" = 911

      Also, From 9/9/16 to the election 11/8/16 is:
      "Sixty Days" = 146 = "Explosives"
      "Sixty" = 97 = "Civil War"

      60 Days is the same as 8 weeks 4 days:
      "United States of America" = 84
      "Eight Weeks Four Days Later" = 106
      "Prophecy" = 106

      When ever you see a "Prophecy" and/or "Revelation" should pay attention.

    2. 9 9 9 is correct any time between now and 9/30 it's wheels off from all the crap I've been reading lately! If we make it to 10/1 I'm gonna sleep soundly for 1 full night ;) If we survive the election I'm going to the beach!!!

    3. California joined the union on September 9, the only state to do so. It might be something to watch

    4. @Jake, Sue, Prunella Thanks all!

  9. @aurora

    Hope so!!!!

    Another former Bronco Tim Tebow has a new gig in NYC. Could be a Giants clue.
    Gators wear orange so do the mets


    Prince Buster dies at 78. Another "Prince" in the headlines this year. He converted to Islam after meeting Ali apparently. There's that Ali connection too. This is a joke.

    1. I think there is a connection between Buster Prince & Duke Alfonso Borbon who Allusion posted a link on. I also think it is foreshadowing Juan Carlos the First King of Spain Death. He is 78 this Year.

  11. Just watched your MLB video, great work.

    All the numbers you talked about are also coded into the final of the US open played on 9/11.

    I completely got it wrong with Murray, ill admit but im pretty sure now Stan Wawrinka will win this one. Wawrinka = 46. Forty six = 136 (136th open)

    He could obviously play either Monfils up Djokovic and looking at there game i think Monfils will knock him out by the numbers. A lot would then line up for Monfils to go and lose the final 10 days after his birthday as well.

    You should have a look into the final Zach, i've seen these numbers that you've connected to the world series all tournament. The 46 has been especially prevalent.

    1. you were close, get em next time

    2. Always look out for 33 second timestamps on ESPN the day of. Murray had one yesterday, as did the Panthers.

      Doesn't help so much with predicting weeks in advance, but 9/10 times the day before or the day of ESPN will put that :33 on the loser.

  12. Any idea why Emanuel sanders signed a 3 year 33 million dollar deal right before the season opener? 33 looks suspicious right off the bat

  13. Navejo Code Writer, Joe Kellwood, dead at 95. Interesting timing for an Indian who served America proudly.

  14. Newton & Benjamin Jersey numbers 113

  15. Holy Cow. The Alpine Texas School Shooting video by Zach may set the Trolling record. Never seen anything like it. I really don't have an explanation. I just know there is no way I believe that it was not a staged event, whether someone died or not.

    Whats everyone else's opinion?

    1. Staged events always bring out the govt accounts to push the narrative.

      Did anyone see the "oil discovery" in Texas? The area is being called Alpine High! Ridiculous.

    2. I like all the "how dare you! My son/daughter/other goes to that school so it is 100% real!1!!",etc..

      I'm pretty most of those are just an algorithm programed to respond to doubts. The language is always so simular it screams bot to me.

    3. Prunella...Yes that could be a possibility. I was leaning toward some activist group that co-opted the kids from the actual school. They here shots so they believe its real.

    4. It was probably a fire drill no one heard shit, they look too bored.

      When people hear gunshots inside a building they don't stand around scratching their ass, they run. Real people do at least. It's a natural instinct but the media is always twisting things to make the natural unnatural and vice versa.

    5. Judging by the reactions on the video I'd say there was a "shooting". Finally got them to give up the shooter on YouTube. The girl's name was apparently Cidney which is 33. She had moved to Alpine 6 months ago. So staged event...planted there. Somehow homeland security was involved. Massive false flag. Weird that those kids are so vile and angry when commenting on the video some appear legit hard to say. Some of the comments are clearly from professional writers. It's all just strange.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Guess that Oklahoma quake became Alpine Oil

    1. Probably what they blew the underground dam for; Texas Tea.

  17. Cam early stat 4-7 47 yards ... Can't make this stuff up

  18. 17-7 right now i think denver might come back.

  19. Newton is shaken up right now. Don't know what this means.

  20. Denver might come back with that injury.

  21. It's 17-14 now. I had to laugh when Anderson scored the touchdown and Collinsworth said something about "good acting skills" to fool the linebacker or something...Denver might score one more touchdown to win with the sum of 38 points for their state.

    1. I think i heard him say that but yeah this one is going to denver cam just threw another int. Ppl need to wake up.

    2. I just wonder when these guys find out who's gonna win the game?
      Do they already know the SB winner?
      Or is that info kept from the players until the championship games are over.
      The players may not even know the outcome until the end of the game, the coach could just call the plays and the players just find out as the game unfolds.
      Be interesting to really know though..

    3. CJ Anderson #22 scored the go ahead TD on the 22nd pass of the game from Siemien.

  22. cam newton 1/5 in the 2nd half. Shit is a joke.

  23. 21-20 is the final score. Superbowl=41

    1. Bingo. And Cam ends his losing effort with 33 passing attempts.

    2. Damn this is sad if people wont wake up to this game then they'll never wake wake up. Gano missed 50 yarder. Come TF on.

    3. he was 3/3 with 41 yards on the previous drive before tossing an incompletion to go 3/4 and punt.

    4. Actually, how about Scott Norwood multiple super bowl tribute. Missed field goals, one point game. 4 times to the super bowl and no wins.

    5. wait, they kicked the field goal instead of punting on the drive Cam had 41 yards passing. my B.

  24. Gano misses the 50 yarder. No doubt a tribute to Super Bowl 50.


    1. The fifty yard miss by Gano is a tribute to Super Bowl 50. The game totaling 41 points could be connected to Prince's death date (4/21/16, 41 numerology). And the Minnesota Vikings?

    2. indeed. #9 misses the field goal with 9 seconds left after the rhetoric of him being able to hit from 58 yards and them showing #58 for Carolina all super butt hurt after the miss.

    3. lots of 4th and 21 lately. I documented the 4th and 21 in the 3rd quarter 6:09 to play with the Giants preseason game.

      also, Tony Dungy front and center on the broadcast panel tonight. Colts like a mufucka

    4. I agree Jayhawk, I'd be surprised if it's not the Giants.

    5. side of the NFL bus with all the players on it are bookended by Eli and Odell. I'm thinking about 10+13= 23 like Lebron and Michael Phelps.

  26. Unbelievable:

    "Wide Left" = 1049 J
    "Skull and Bones = 149

  27. Cable car in French ALPS. 33 left to stay overnight before rescue. Ha! Quite a parallel with, the school shooting above in Alpine Texas and the Libertarians gaffe of what Is Aleppo.

  28. On the same day as the Mets winning 5-1 last week, Scotland soccer team won 5-1 also. Trying ta figure out a connection.
    The Giants kicker, Tyner was from there.
    Also, Gano is from Dundee, Scotland.

  29. Funny game lol

    Anyone notice at 4:21 in the 4th they announced how kubiak and Ron Rivera both had some kind of debut on the same day in the1985 season??
    couldn't hear that well..

    1. my guess is we're going to see a whole
      lot of 4 & 21 significance this season. its already being pointed out left and right by peeps on here.

    2. Word ,iv seen it a lot since the death of Prince it's obvious. the NBA game 3's 1st round in the east the day after on 4/22 clevsdet and bosvsatl the players refs and announcers (Mark Jackson) knew what to do to get the clock to stop at 4:21 its a must watch both games 7 out of 8 of the quarters

    3. looks like UGA fumbled that punt deep in their own territory with 4:21 on the clock to give up a score that ended up final score 26-24 for a sum of 50.

  30. Cam finished 18/33 and Trevor 18/26 tribute to Peyton #18? LOL! It's crystal clear now the game is rigged.

  31. They just keep on making melanated qbs look foolish.

    1. Dolls dolla make em holla

      They(any skins color)selling themselves out

    2. Correction sir, the sellouts make themselves look foolish. I do agree that men of color get the short end of the stick very often, but they made the choice to put themselves in that position.

    3. @LOA

      There are no options, none of us are in control.
      It's going to take Time, $, infiltration on a mass scale to defeat the elite. They have a huge head start on all of us, let that sink in for a minute.
      Medicine , government , entertainment, religion , race,. They control every frequency. Those of us who are aware are so few and all we have is JEWTUBE and Twitter and independent radio all of the mediums they control. So welcome to Prison. If your separating yourself from another race that means you still have a LONG road to awareness. This game is about survival and the human race. We need one collective consciousness to break this Saturnian Spell.

    4. I didn't mean to come across as a separatist, so don't get me twisted. And to say there are no options is a fallacy. You have a choice to sell out or not. You have a choice to stand or kneel. If you start thinking you don't, then continue to enjoy your prison. There is no true freedom and it may be that all of our options are preselected, but you do get to choose what you are willing to do for the amount of "success" you need. But I feel you, Harry, just trying to point out that at some point you either are the elite or choosing to let them shit on you. Not a white and black thing.

    5. @LOA

      I'm here with you fighting the good fight. I was already doing the elites work without knowing. I didn't sell out but I made them millions and profited too living the American Dream. I always knew there was something wrong and once I found out now I want revenge.
      We're out numbered but not defeated. The majority of humans are being shoved along like the sheep we were born to be. I found my answers within, not on a blog or Gematria or the bible. I just wanted to share my experience and from the comment above I wanted to inform you that not everyone sells out knowingly. Prison is a metaphor for this matrix we have no control of. My mind is free and that's what they are after. My soul is not for sale either. Unless we all use the winnings to educate others and not for personal gains then we are all not using the truth correctly.
      I have a ton of respect for YOU and everyone here. Germatria is only scratching the surface. We need to get everyone to LOG OFF and unplug from the matrix the question is then what and how? I'm certain you have a tough time convincing people of the knowledge you acquired. My wife of 24 years thinks I'm crazy even if I show her evidence. This programming goes right into our DNA that was altered at some point. I will not give up my brother but we're on their turf playing by their rules on their devices.
      We have to get to the root and then turn shit around.

  32. Told everyone pick Broncos. The star Qb , HC, kickers, refs, defensive captain , DC are all in on it. Cam is a highly paid actor entertainer.
    41 points is Vegas way of punking the bettors.
    Siemian will play the first 3-4 games then comes in Lynch a new rookie sensation. I also think midway thru the season the Broncos bring in a big name.


  33. Pardon me if someone already mentioned this, but did everyone catch the pregame show? There was a bit about Von Miller and in that bit he was wearing a Texas Rangers jersey. Possible foreshadowing? I wouldn't be surprised. I took the Broncos and cashed in LARGE! Looks like I'm treating myself to a little vacation. Thanks for being scripted NFL, we're on to you, maggots!!!!!