Monday, September 19, 2016

33 57 68 112 119 131 | Mo Lewis, the man who injured Drew Bledsoe, September 23, 2001 +Jimmy Garoppolo injury hoax

The injury to Drew Bledsoe that gave birth to Tom Brady's career happened on September 23, 2001, New Year's Day on the French Republican Calendar.

9/23/01 = 9+23+01 = 33

Do you get it?  The World Trade Centers had construction begin in August of 1968, the same year 9-1-1 was made the National Emergency dialing code, the same year George W. Bush graduated from Skull and Bones.  That year the Jets won the AFL and the Super Bowl, under Joe Namath at QB.

Mo Lewis's birthday is a bit much.  Notice he was born in October, the only '33' month.

10/21/1969 = 10+21+19+69 = 119

Mo was also born in Atlanta, on the 33rd parallel, on the 84th meridian.

Let's read a little 1984, shall we?

If you've never read 1984, where the quote is from, the main character is 'Winston'.

Now moving on to Tom Brady!

You have to love #83 standing over Drew Bledsoe.  Now long from then it would be the guy born on 8/3, Tom Brady.

**Peyton Manning is born on the 83rd day of the year.

Perhaps Drew Bledsoe being the man to begin the narrative with his injury, was an indicator of things to come, in the year of Super Bowl 51, in Houston.

The Patriots, in the scripted NFL, began the darlings of the league after 9/11, while no man cared about his further enslavement due to the "Patriot Act".  1-1-2 is the alt dialing code for 9-1-1.

Now notice, the Patriots began 0-2 that year

Notice the Jets won with 'ten', in a game with a total of '13' points.

7/26/1788 = 7+2+6+1+7+8+8 = 39 (13x3 = 39)

Notice further the game was played on New Year's Day of the French Republican Calendar, which began September 23, 1799.  September 11, 2001, happened on New Year's Day of the Coptic Calendar.

Pay attention to how often your weather channel tells you it is 74 degrees outside.  This is done nationwide.

Notice the Jets had 111 rushing yards.  The NFL was still running back driven in 2001.  They hadn't softened up the passing rules for soft guy Tom Brady yet.

Washington D.C. = 137; Authority = 137; Federal = 33

Look at Testaverde's passing yards, 137.

His birth name is 'Vincent'.

His name in gematria sums to '68', like the distance in years from 9-1-1 to 9/11.

Bledsoe came out after 28-attempts.  The WTCs existed for 33-years, 1968-2001, and were open for 28-years, being opened April 4, 1973.

After the 0-2 start, the Patriots then blew out Peyton Manning and the Colts, 44-13, for a total of 57-points.

This year, Super Bowl 51 in Houston, Texas is on a date with '44' numerology, February 5, 2017.

2/5/2017 = 2+5+20+17 = 44

Super Bowl 51 is said to be the last Super Bowl ever played in the film Oblivion, where the character played by Tom Cruise where's a NY Yankees hat throughout.

Tom Brady, in the 2001 season, would start his first playoff game against the Raiders, January 19, 2002.

1/19/2002 = 1+19+20+02 = 42 (NYC = 42) (Tom Brady's Super Bowl record, 4-2)

Notice that January 19 game was played 131-days after September 11.

That game against the Raiders is remembered for the 'Tuck Rule'.

It is interesting to note that Brady's first start, where the Patriots won 44-13, Tom Brady passed for 168-yards.

In Week 2 of the 2016 NFL Season, Jimmy Garopollo was hurt after his 27th pass, the same day Andrew Luck, the Colts QB to replace Peyton Manning, played for the first time at age 27.  The date of the games had 27 numerology.

9/18/2016 = 9+1+8+2+0+1+6 = 27
9/18 = 9+18 = 27

Read about Jimmy Garopollo's staged injury, a tribute to Tom Brady here:

Notice in the Garopollo story there is a lot of '47'.  Remember, Drew Bledsoe was hurt on New Year's Day of the French Republican Calendar.

Read about Andrew Luck's loss to the Broncos on the same day, at age 27, here:

See all NFL Week 2 (2016) rigging here:


  1. Bledsoe got injured on 9/23. That is the fulfillment of 9/11/01. 9+11=20

  2. They lost to the rams that season on mnf 24-17. 24+17=41. Then they faced in the sb.

  3. September 27th is 131 days before Superbowl LI.

    That day has 27 & 52 Numerology. That day is also 42 days before the election or 1 month 12 days <====

    Check this out!
    "Twenty Seven" = 172 = "Hillary Clinton"
    "September Twenty Seventh Two Thousand Sixteen" = 172

    September 27th is also 4 months 9 Days before Superbowl LI:
    "Revelation" = 49

    In Satanic:
    172 * 6 = 1032 [kind of like 132]
    "Two Thousand Sixteen Election" = 132

    "September Twenty Seventh" = 303 [kind of like 33]
    "Pentagon" = 303
    "False Flag" = 33

    Here is the kicker:
    "One Hundred Thirty One Days After" = 152 = "Superbowl LI"

    It also equals 143:
    "Ground Zero" = 143

    Something tells me we need to pay close attention to 8 specific days before the election:

    September 23rd & 27th
    October 6th, 7th, 12th, & 16th
    November 2nd, 7th.


    Looks like Peterson wasn't that hurt afterall. They're setting up another "epic comeback" here lol.

    1. Meniscus=31.
      AP is 31. I still have vikes. That isn't the least intimadating.

  5. Just on PTI on ESPN:

    Tony Kornheiser - "You know who New England can bring in, 'Drew Bledsoe', because he's the only one who knows the system"


    1. shit why not, after all he is 44 years old. He still has a cannon of an arm.

      Bledsoe's birthday to Garoppolo's injury is 7 months 4 days, lol...

  6. Something to note. Jimmy Grappolo went to the same college as Tony Romo (Eastern Illinois) it is ironic to me that Grappolo want down the same exact way Romo did when he had the fracture in his shoulder. Now Grappolo has the same exact injury...

  7. Ray rice could be headed to the Vikes

    Patriots would go after Matt Castle

    1. He did play in sb 47. Thats a nice assumption.

  8. Coach Zimmer said they are "Figuring out what the next step is."

    Figuring out what the next step is = 140
    The reverse 41= Super Bowl


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  10. Mo Lewis was 11,648 days old on 9/11/01 or exactly 32 Moon Calendar years. (11,648/364) America = 32 = NFL.