Tuesday, September 6, 2016

96 | Colin Kaepernick's jersey said to be #1 in sales post protest, September 6, 2016 news

No doubt, this September 6 news is a tribute to the brotherhood Colin Kaepernick is a part of.

I remember these headlines in regards to Michael Vick and his jersey sales after the dog fighting allegations.  Supposedly his jersey sales tanked in the wake of the news.  In truth, they probably did, because if you still survey the country to this day, half of them think the worst thing to ever happen was the revelation about Mike Vick's dogfighting.

He wore #7 too.


  1. Bradford #7 and Vick # 7 from the city of prophecy.

  2. Ha! Another move by the NFL to make more money. Besides the fact that this whole event was intended to piss people off and divide them over something completely insignificant, we see how the NFL is able to extract the most money possible using their fraud athletes celebrity influence on people.

  3. Of course sam bradford has missed 33 games in his nfl career so far.

  4. Will the Race War be on full NFL display Thursday night?

    Prince Hall = 98
    Luciferian = 98
    Black People = 98
    Black Knight = 98
    Israelite = 98