Tuesday, January 17, 2017

ESPN story about a Las Vegas gambler who put $300 on the Packers when they were down and out


Here's an interesting story about gambling on the Packers.  But is it real?


  1. I have been watching baseball 'arbitration' numbers
    their origin is so obvious
    Bryce Harpers contract is 1-16 added together

  2. Kyle,

    Are you thinking like this:

    week 5, GB vs NYG, GB won
    in poffs GB won NYG too, because 2184+4812 = 6996

    week 7,
    NE vs PIT, NE won
    in poffs NE will win too, because 2184+4812 = 6996 (h)

    NE vs PIT score was 27-16.
    2716+6172 = 8888
    Do you think this has any significance?

    Thank you!

    1. 6996/9669 represents a cycle. To see if a team is going to win, you have to look ahead. Pakcers beating Giants made sense because by doing so they'd face the Cowboys 2184 hours after their reg season matchup...2184+4812 = 6996. Also, once the Falcons beat the Seahawks, I knew to look for connections to the Packers-Falcons for 1/22/2017 and also see if there were any connections for Cowboys-Falcons. I saw none for the Cowboys but a few for the Packers. Last playoff matchup with Falcons-Packers was 314 weeks before 1/22, representing the Pi cycle. Prior to that, Packers met Falcons in playoffs in 2003, 733 weeks, 2 days before 1/22/2017. 7332+2337 = 9669

    2. The numbers are there for the Packers to win the Super Bowl, but it doesn't ensure that they will. Since Atlanta has never won before, it's difficult to find historical connections for them. Here is the Packers Saturn connection to this year's Super Bowl:

      Packers won SB31 on 1/26/1997...to Super Bowl 51 (2/5/2017) is 7,315 days.

      73x15 = 1095…+5901 = 6996

    3. I want to point out that I learned about these numbers from Matthew Nicholson, who has a YouTube Channel. He uses these numbers to show connections to historical events. I figured why not try them for sports also, and it works quite well. But all the credit goes to Matthew for figuring out how these Saturn cycles work with 969, 6996, and 9669.

    4. Thank you for the great info!

    5. And SB31 was against Patriots.

    6. So both pats and packers have a saturn connection to SB51.

      Have you ever seen a result ignoring the saturn connection? Seen some other connection overpowering it?

    7. Yeah, there are other meaningful connections for sure, but for every single meaningful game of the Packers that I've looked into, the Saturn connection is there. But the Broncos, for example, won the SB last year, 888 weeks after their previous SB. Not sure if that was synced up with Donald J Trump = 888 or what. The triple crown winner from recently occurred 444 weeks after the previous one.

    8. Alright. But was there a saturn connection for some other team that got overpowered by the 888 for Broncos?

    9. No, not that I know of. They played the Panthers last year, and the Panthers have only lost Super Bowls. This is the part I'm unsure of...if a team has never won before, like the Falcons, you have to use other dates and information. But no, I've never seen a good connection overpowered by another. I'm not so sure losing in the SB is a good connection to have, so I don't actually see any good news for the Patriots.

    10. Good to hear.
      Have you found anything good for the steelers?

    11. I found this:
      SBXL 2/5/2006

      574 weeks and 1 day to SB51
      57*41 = 2337
      2337+7332 = 9669

    12. On 11/28/10 the Packers lost to the Falcons @ Atlanta 17-20. This was 2,247 days before 1/22/17. 2,247+7,422 = 9,669.

    13. Good catch!

      For the Steelers, the main thing I'd note is that they are in their 84th season and their last SB win was 8 years, 4 days before SB 51. Don't think there are any Saturn connections to their past SBs.

    14. I noticed that 2,247 days is 321 weeks. 444? Georgia is the 4th state with a reduced gematria of 44.

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    17. @Kyle,

      Isn't what I just wrote a saturn connection for steelers past SB?

      SBXL 2/5/2006 Steelers win SB
      from that date to SB51 is 574 weeks 1 day

      57*41 = 2337...+ 7332 = 9669

      So saturn says Steelers will be in SB51, right?
      No connection for Patriots, but this one for Steelers.

  3. Patriots are 8-4 in Conference Championship games. If they win, they will be 9-4. If they lose, they will be 8-5.

    Steelers in 84th season. Fitting for the Pats to play them.

    National football league = 85

    Ninety four = 57
    Pats in 57th season.

    Steelers come in 8-7 in Conference Championship games. If they win, they will be 9-7. If they lose, they will be 8-8.

    97th season of the NFL.
    Bill Belichick = 97

    Trump = 88

    This will be the Pats 13th championship game.

    13th prime is 41
    Super Bowl = 41
    Thirteen = 99/45
    New England = 99/45

    Pats are 4-4 in super bowls. A loss would make them 4-5.

    1. Steelers r beating em. Packers beating steelers in super bowl it's a wrap

    2. I doubt they will have the both of them play again with the same result I think its more likely for atl vs pit or packers vs patriots

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  5. Harry and others,
    check this out:

    Last time Patriots were in SB, it was 2/1/2015.
    From that date to SB51 is a span of 2 years, 5 days.
    In days & weeks, the span is 105 weeks 1 day.
    Using Kyle's mirror method: 1051+1501 = 2552

    1. I picked the Patriots because I found a ton of numbers on them. I figured why bother with the NFC lol.
      Kyle and Matt are REAL. Great info fellas.

  6. Last time Packers or Steelers were is SB, it was 2/6/2011.
    From that date to SB51 is a span if exactly 6 years.
    In days & weeks, the span is 313 weeks 1 day.
    Using Kyle's mirror method: 3131+1313 = 4444

    Does this mean they are both "killed" from the SB51?

    1. Last time partriots and steelers played in AFC final,
      it was 1/23/2005.
      From that date to this year's match is a span of exactly 12 years. What is up with these multiples of sixes??

      It is also a span of 626 weeks 1 day:
      6261+1626 = 7887

    2. Last time pats & packers met in SB, it was 1/26/1997.
      From that date to SB51 is a span of 20 years 11 days.
      There is your 112 !!!
      It is also a span of 1045 weeks and 1 day. (1045 like atlanta had.. man these are connected!)

      10451+15401 = 25852

      2 5 8 5 2
      7 8 7

      25/52 and 87 again!

    3. Not sure what it means but I found the same number in the date of the Super Bowl. 25+2017=2042..+2402 = 4444

    4. SB51 date = 4444 = last time GB & PIT were in SB.

      Straight forward and would make sense.

    5. Means we are close to the midnight hour, 3 stars, 3 kings

  7. Average ticket price for the SB dropped 800 dollars to 3300 after Dallas lost.

  8. Last time Falcons were in SB, it was 1/31/1999.
    From that date to SB51 is a span of 18 years, 6 days.
    In days & weeks, the span is 940 weeks 1 day.
    9401+1049 = 10450

    This doesn't mean anything to me.
    Any ideas?

    1. Added together 1+4+5=10 (1) 2017 added together equals 1.

    2. There was a movie called Falcon and The Snowman in which David Bowie was on the soundtrack for one song. Run time 131 minutes. Made 17$ million. From the release date of the movie to the date of that 99 super bowl was 5105 days. 5105+5015=10120, like 112.

    3. But think of the Falcons'last Super Bowl was 33 (Atlanta is on the 33rd) in 1999. More likely read 666. Eugene Robinson, their safety was arrested for prostitution the night before. http://nyti.ms/23t8v7A Lots of numerology that stands out in the story. The only reason why the Falcons were in Super Bowl 33 (aside from being on the 33rd/404 area code (44=kill), was because the Vikings kicker missed the field goal. It's all a script.

    4. @Ed Chadburn

      Last time a year summed to 1 was 2008,
      before that 1999.
      Maybe 1 would represent new beginning, like phoenix?

    5. Prince said he wanted to party like its 1999.

    6. Your phoenix is planet eris, just lime the song 'Sledgehammer' & the Mummy ammunet or really ammit from the Egyptian weighing of heart lighter than a feather, riri had on a falcons jersey, #riseup mean ERIS UP, goddess of chaos, if symbolism is everything to the occukt then the numbers wont be relevant in a ritual, during the ritual phase and leading up but not its destiny, or their fake prophesy. Red hair, jet black hair rising out of water eris. 13th hour

    7. C Rican you and me would get along great! lol right up my tree....

    8. C Rican, eres una tica de Costa rica?

  9. Here is the scoop on the two that has this so called ticket.

    Brian Yankelevitz = 77
    Yankelevitz = 51
    Russ Axelrod = 156
    As above so below = 156
    Russ = 77
    Brian = 44
    Russ = 14
    Fake = 14

    This story came out after Packers beat the Cowboys.
    Brian Yankelevitz and Russ Axelrod = 135
    Dak Prescott drafted 135th.

    Brian Age 43, Russ age 40, 43+40 = 83

    Football = 83

    Need I say more? Fake, lol!

  10. Of course its not real...ask urself, if it were you that had this ticket, would you/it be on ESPN??? Would the average person let this kind of money ride and risk losing it all without cashing some or all in at some point, unless they were worth a bunch of money making it rediculous to make such a small bet of $300 relevent in the first place and coincidently winning every game, which is such a long shot unless it were fake and planned..so fake it is...but relavent to the playoffs for sure....Last yr they were talkn abot a guy who put a crazy amount of money on Carolina in the SB, then they lost...just not sure what angel this one is?


  12. who needs gemotris to figure out the Steelers will get a beat down from the Pats after the Antonio Brown Hoax thing thats gonn make him look stupid...just like Giants Beckham...thse Diva receivers always have it comin to them, steelers lose big and Antnio Brown has a sub par game, bank it

  13. I find it very odd that Goodell is avoiding New England like the plague. He has watched 3 of the 4 teams left in the playoffs.

    He was in Atlanta last Saturday for the Seahawks-Falcons game, then traveled to Kansas City on Sunday for the Steelers-Chiefs game.

  14. Something to note about Gary Grinberg...if he's on here claiming several different teams are going to win, it's because that's his tactic to hide the truth. I saw a video of his in which he said you can't stop leaks from occurring, so the only way to conceal the truth is to muddy the waters. So that's what that is all about.

  15. They should just let all 4 teams go to the SB and do a battle royal

  16. Guys I think we are looking at the numbers too deep!!! I truly believe its Simple as this...Tom Brady will WIN his 5th superbowl ring..Making him the KING!! Connection to Royalty right there.. Look at the 5 coding going on presently its in your face.. Mexican Murders today in the news how many killed ? 5!! Dallas cops 5! Tom Brady will represent The King when he wins number 5..The Gematria is strong in Patriots side, but the symbolisym of TRUMP who is the Masons long awaited KING ( TRUST ME HE IS) That's why he is on Economist cover as a King.....I hate the Patriots but I give you this Bad news, The Patriots will defeat the Green Bay Packers in the superbowl I believe . 5 is the key....

    1. Could be. I'm trying to look everything relevant, whether its number, symbols, storyline...

      I don't give a shit what it is as long as it tells the winner of every game.

    2. I am thinking the same thing. I also think the latest Verizon commercial is telling us GB gets there, but doesnt have enough life to beat NE.

    3. Na bro. AARON CHARLES RODGERS keyword CHARLES is the king of the NFL and will be crowned just like prince CHARLES once the queen "dies"

    4. Bet its Brady with the 5 code! He is the KIng of the NFL and has been for awhile, The Germatria also is showing NE, BUT the 5 code is in play and has been all year, Bill Cowher also tells us Green Bay may not have enough life......Big Hint...Trump is King on Economist, Trump met with Don KIng last week, Brady will win 5 and officially be the KING.. I LiKE Arron Charles Rodgers King stuff but The 5 code is in play BIG TIME.. Mexican false flag bullshit yesterday with 5 again in the headlines seals the deal for me....

    5. U might be right but rmr this. Rodgers been doing this all without Nelson his number one target all year. Nelson coming back.

    6. NE VS GB SB LI EQUALS 666 in english gematria and its the 666 season. 6x6x6 = 216 216 is 2016 without the zero and its the 2016 season.

    7. Bradys BD was on the 216th day last year due to a leap year and rodgers BD was on the 336th day lol like 36 and three sixes is 666.

    8. It'll be the AFC's 25th SB victory on 2/5.

    9. 6x6x6=216 bradys BD onthe 216th day last year.

    10. Let's be real here. If one of your star players are out, you are toast.

    11. He's coming back. Gronk done for season. Queen bee helicopter. She's "dying" soon. Pitt black and yellow bees. Big Ben renovations but STILL RINGING AS OF NOW. does that mean they lose to New England or in super bowl? Aaron Charles Rodgers. King James. King Charles will be inheriting the throne from QUEEN BEE BIG BEN. Does that happen on the BIGGEST STAGE? Or do the Patriots beat Pitt and lose to King Charles? Vegas has lost tons of money due to steelers and packers winning. All the money is on New England. The house needs to win. Packers have to win cuz of Charles. To me that spells pack vs Pitt with Charles reigning as KING of the NFL

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  17. Gematria club likes New England too, Numbers look good to them.. 5 represents chaos to the High Priests, I am betting New England, they for sure are beating Pittsburgh I think..

    1. Actually before you get blindsided, GC only matchup that remains is Steelers vs GB. They dont say that GB matches up well with PAts. They said GB matches up best with steelers or KC and for some reason they never liked falcons whatsoever. So GC is on Steelers GB imo

  18. Of course it shouldn't be new england.
    You can't have a team winning 5 of 8 with the same QB or you have to admit the sport sucks and is easy.
    There's a papa Johns commercial with Antonio brown and a patriots CB.
    Brown is the one ordering the pizza.
    Brown distracts the Pats CB and beats him on a route.
    Brown 8s number 84, the CB is number 21. I don't know if that means anything IL let you ruminate on the numbers.
    They of course do these gambling stories every year.make people believe in chance and hope.

    1. Sure you can have 5 of 8 championships, when most of those have asterisks on them.

      Brady is the best there is his sport. Same with MJ, Kobe, Lebron etc.. Rings grow on trees for these guys, doesn't matter X of X total rings...

    2. I grew up a huge Montana fan.
      NO one rides out into the sunshine unscathed
      In the NFL.
      You either end up traded , hurt, jail, dead, brain injury, paralyzed or with a TV job ring less or with criminal charges.

      The Nice guys lose a family member or a child.

      Brady won SB49 that sums to 13

      If he wins SB51 sums to 6

      100 is #1

      19 was the last number worn by Joe in KC

      Why was Montana wearing 19?

      KC legend Len Dawson was #16
      Round 1 pick 5 like 51!

      Wait Joe wore 16 like 7 Brady is going to his
      7th Super Bowl.

      Joe wore #3 @ ND Brady wore #10 at Michigan
      13/31! Code or 33!
      Or 44!

      Joe #16 Brady #12 28 Or 10
      Joe grew up Audie hard steekers fan
      Brady grew up a die hard SF fan

      Brady will have to beat Steelers to get to his last SB

      Matt Ryan is from Pennsylvania like joe and played college in Boston !

      Rodgers is a California kid like Brady both grew up loving Joe and the 49ers

      Can Aaron stop Brady and take the torch
      Will Brady beat Title town USA ?

      Rename the Lombardi Belicheat?

      I really think Brady gets it done but how will anyone know ?

      You guys can do your germatria or Saturn calculations.

      The NFL is a story and HISTORY matters.

      Brady is 39! Like 93! Lol teasing

      You can basically put a story together for all 4
      Teams! I've never seen that before!
      This season there's been a lot of misdirection.

      Keep it going


  19. NFC Championship game - https://sportsbetcapper.wordpress.com/2017/01/17/nfl-12217-nfc-championship-game-packers-vs-falcons/

  20. Sports bet capperJanuary 17, 2017 at 1:49 PM

    Sure you can have 5 of 8 championships, when most of those have asterisks on them.

    Brady is the best there is his sport. Same with MJ, Kobe, Lebron etc.. Rings grow on trees for these guys, doesn't matter X of X total rings...
    football is more violent by definition then the other sports. Its bullshit no matter what. I expect Brady to get injured in this game or maybe the SB.Something has to give. This time they get to be the Rams or Raiders they beat to start this or another issue like when they didnt get the perfect season.15 fucking years and a 39 year old QB is too much bullshit to believe lol

  21. Ok guys new revelation.
    Has anyone one seen the new Lego batman preview ? Steelers vs Packers blatant

    But I just watched Monster trucks.
    Super Bowl coded too!
    Main characters name is Trip looks like Brady
    His step dad is a cop Rick looks like Rodgers.
    The license plate on the dads squad car
    Numbers 9912. There's these three manatee squid things. Dad is Gray the mom is red and the baby is gray. Father monster drives the green truck the mom red and black and the baby a Steel classic Dodge Ram.
    The bad guys an oil drilling company terravex Energy from North Dakota want to poison the
    Pond. The monsters drink oil, they live in extremely deep water. They need exactly 15k PSI to send poison down their well.
    In one seen there a giant brick WALL and the guy emphasizes " WALL" the truck drives up and over no problem. Trip laughs, what WALL.
    They buy gas for the monster. $398 for 112 gallons lmao!!

    Movie is 144 minutes long.
    The entire movie has 12's everywhere
    From address to containers to signs.
    I do not want to spoil the ending, in case any takes their child to see it. Highly recommend it.
    The evil company Terravex is red and black.

    This is not a joke.

  22. Terravex- 113/678/1271

    Rob Lowe was the bad guy in the film.
    Age 52

    Movie was 104 minutes released on 1/13/17 lol

    Lowe was nominated for 6 golden globes
    Brady has 6 AFC titles

    However all the red and black was pointing to ATL.

    I mentioned that Big Ben had the sexual assault cases two of them the last with an under age girl in Georgia

    So did Rob Lowe lmao

  23. In 1988, Lowe was involved in a sex scandal over a videotape of him having sex with a 16-year-old girl he met in a nightclub. They were videotaped the night before the Democratic National Convention in Atlanta, Georgia. As the age of consent in Georgia was 14 at the time until 1995 and currently the age of consent is 16 in Georgia, both were of legal age to engage in sexual activity, although 18 was the legal age to be involved in such a recording.[39] At the time, Lowe was campaigning for Michael Dukakis.[40]

    Another part of the same tape was leaked at the time, showing Lowe and his friend Justin Moritt both having vaginal and oral sex with a young American model named Jennifer, who was never identified, in a hotel room in Paris. This part of the original tape was sold as one of the first commercially available celebrity sex tapes, damaging Lowe's public image.[41] Eventually, his career rebounded, and Lowe mocked his own behavior during two post-scandal appearances as host of Saturday Night Live.[42]

  24. The hero Truck is made of steel , there are 3 monsters and the biological dad is a miner/ steel worker.

  25. Lucas Daniel Till was born in Fort Hood, Texas, to Dana Lyn (Brady) and John Mark Till, a lieutenant colonel in the army. He spent most of his childhood growing up in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. At a very young age, Lucas' family quickly noticed that he had an affinity for impersonating voices and characters. When he was 11 years old, his mother enrolled him in local acting classes, and it wasn't long before he was discovered by Atlanta agent, Joy Pervis. Lucas began booking almost immediately in print, local, regional, and national commercials. Soon after, he was cast in his first movie role as Harry Vanderbilt in The Adventures of Ociee Nash, starring Keith Carradine and Mare Winningham. He was a natural for film roles and continued his success by landing his first co-starring role in Lightning Bug with Laura Prepon and Brett Harrison.

  26. Three weeks before graduating high school with honors, Lucas auditioned for Disney's Hannah Montana: The Movie and was cast in the lead role of Travis Brody. After only one week on the set, Lucas flew back to Atlanta to graduate with his high school class of 2008. Lucas now resides in Los Angeles pursuing his career.

  27. Travis Brody lol or Thomas Brady?

    So his mothers maiden name is Brady lol.

  28. Steelers have 6 Super Bowls and hosted 11 AFC championship games.

    Reminds me of 6/11 or 66
    Or 911 or 99

    Patriots 8 SB appearances
    Steelers 8
    Broncos 8

    Last SB appearance
    NE 2014 W
    Steelers 2011 L
    Broncos 2015 W

    Since 2001-16 (15)
    NE 6 (4-2)
    Pitt 3 (2-1)
    Den 2 (1-1)

  29. Patriots beat the Steelers week 7 without #7

    Week 15 they beat broncos who won the SB
    In 15

    10/23/17 or 123

    1/22/17 or 22 Brady is going for playoff win #24

    46 a great number for Brady

    4 out of 6 championships and Michigan is 64 reflection 46

    Start time 6:40pm !

    I'm still going Patriots!

    Patriots going for a record 9th SB appearance.


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