Friday, January 6, 2017

LiveLeak footage of Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting aftermath, January 6, 2017

Someone has posted that this is proof the shooting at Fort Lauderdale happened.  The footage comes courtesy of LiveLeak.


  1. Why are they not helping the one that got shot.. In the way for the photo..??

  2. people just chilling and shit, kickin it. mufuckas are standing around like it's no big deal, a few people seem to be waiting on the baggage claim process.

    this is a moving "mannequin challenge" being presented to us as real. fucking seriously though, who designated this kike as the cameraman? sounds about as convincing as Djimon Hounsou with Leo in Blood Diamond. "I'm the ca-mera-man?"

    but really though, this is just social programming in the EXACT same presentation as the mannequin challenge these days - one person walking around as if you're seeing a snapshot of reality except this time, the mannequins were given simpleton fucking lines such as "I sat next to her on the plane".

    what a crock of shit

  3. LiveLeak = LL = 33

    LiveLeak = 77 (EO)

    This site's only purpose is to try and make these hoaxes more realistic. It often times exposes them even more as being hoaxes.

  4. Live Leak has 32/77 gematria, just like power and caduceus, the staff of Hermes.

  5. The girl at :19 seconds reaches back as if to hide something.


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