Sunday, February 5, 2017

33 34 88 119 | Martellus Bennett's scripted TD moment that didn't happen to end Super Bowl 51, February 5, 2017

There was a scripted moment to close out Super Bowl 51, that didn't happen.  It was the touchdown Martellus Bennett was supposed to receive, that instead ended up in a pass interference call, that put the Patriots at the goal line.  On the first play, they threw again to Bennett, but no good.  Then the Patriots just ran it in for the win.

Bennett wears #88, and today was 88-days since Donald Trump, the man gushing over the Patriots, was announced as the winner, the 45th President.

His 30th birthday is 33-days after the Super Bowl, or a span of 34.

Notice the name gematria of Bennett, perfect for the Super Bowl, and the NFL.

Also, remember, this was the Patriots 57th season.

His birth numerology also connects to Donald Trump and November 9, or 11/9.

He was born March 10, 1987.

3/10/1983 = 3+10+19+87 = 119

Recall this Simpson's episode, 119-days before today's Super Bowl.

And notice he grew up in Houston, where he was supposed to close out the Super Bowl.