Wednesday, February 1, 2017

45 | Republicans call Democrats 'childish' & Gorsuch's 'Hobby Lobby' ruling +the reason for the attack on birth control

Notice the emphasis on 'childish'.  I think this word describes the 45th President to a tee.

And the Jon Stewart headline, '128', number of the day in the headlines it seems:

And notice the gematria of 'Hobby Lobby' as well, this comes in light of the nomination by the 45th President, the 'childish' one.

The purpose of attacking birth control, is so that more poor women give birth to more poor , and nearly doomed, children.  Lots of pregnant teenagers and teenagers trying not to become pregnant again are reliant on places such as Planned Parenthood, and insurance policies that cover their birth control.  This is all part of the ongoing agenda of building a super police / military state.  The future populace will either be behind bars, or putting people behind bars.  I can see the last remaining employer now, TRUMPET INCARCERATION SERVICES, LLC.