Friday, May 12, 2017

12 25 33 48 51 52 59 81 97 102 | Michael Jackson murdered on Highway 51, 97-days after Super Bowl 51, concluding 97th season of NFL +Super Bowl 52 parallel

This man died in Tangipahoa, Louisiana.

National Football League = 85
Mainstream = 113; Dishonest = 113; Not True = 113
193, the 44th prime; Kill = 44; Execution = 44
NFL = 32; America = 32; 32 teams in the NFL (320 >>> 32)

The first thing screaming out is this happened on US 51, in light of this coming after the conclusion of Super Bowl 51, where Tom Brady won with his 51st comeback drive in his career... all by the numbers.

And dead at 48, on a motorcycle, on Highway 51?

He has also died at age 48.  We just saw the story about Aaron Hernandez committing suicide with 'Illuminati' written on the wall in blood.  That was the same day the Patriots went to the White House to visit Donald Trump.


This numbers thing isn't a joke.

Tom Brady was named the Madden cover athlete today:

Tom came into Super Bowl 51 with 33 playoff games under his belt. He won #34 with 34-points, over the Falcons.  Falcons = 34; One = 34

5/12/17 = 5+12+17 = 34 (Murder)

Back to the death of Michael D. Jackson.

Football = 29/83; Ohio = 29/47

Notice he wore #81 like Aaron Hernandez.  Ritual = 27/45/81/81

See the recent death of Big Black at age 45 on May 9, 93-days after the 'New England' ran 93 plays, winning the Super Bowl.

Notice he was a black man, born on the 102nd day of the year as well.  That's the day the Civil War began in history.

This death came 97 days from Super Bowl 51, which concluded the 97th NFL season.  Recall how '97' connects to the Patriots 2016-17 season and 'death'.

97, the 25th prime.  The Patriots won the 25th Super Bowl for the AFC on 2/5 in a record "25 point comeback".


Regarding Super Bowls, the upcoming season in #98, ending with Super Bowl 52 in Minnesota, where Denny Green was murdered by the numbers last year for the cause, 52-days before the first Vikings game with their new stadium, set to host Super Bowl 52.  Minnesota = 52

Michael Jackson also has that 'football' Gematria.

His death comes 38-weeks and 3-days before Super Bowl 52 in 'Minnesota'.  Super Bowl 52 is February 4, 2018.  2/4/2018 = 2+4+20+18 = 44

'38' is what is key.

Remember, Prince died on the 112th day of the year, in a ritual for the Super Bowl.  He died in Minnesota, his home state.

Prince died 47-days before his birthday, a number of masonry.

This man died in a '47' location.

 (Ohio = 47) (Time = 47)

For the record, it was 96-days after the Super Bowl he died, or a span of 97-days.

He was the NFL's leading receiver in '96.

Also, I'd like to know if he really died on a Kawasaki, made in 2013, or '13...

Last, there might be a '93' piece I am missing at the moment, seeing as how he died on a date with '54' numerology.  54 is so often with 93 in these rituals.

5/12/2017 = 5+12+20+17 = 54 (Sun = 54) (Sun, 93m miles away)