Monday, May 22, 2017

35 149 225 | Today my house repairs finished, 149-days later... May 22, 2017 (The most perfect date possible?)

It wasn't planned this way... but today is the day the job wrapped up for the destruction that was done Christmas Eve, December 24, 2016.

I am very much in awe that this is how many days later it is.  It took way too long, I had to pay a lot in the end for something I did not do, but it is pretty much over at this point, minus the bills to pay.

Zachary K Hubbard = 149
Revelation = 149

During the job, I also found out the county record for the length of my rectangular house, garage included, is not 76' (as I've been paying taxes on), but instead, 74'.  Ha!

For another kick, notice how 149 connects to 225, like 22/5, or May 22.

149 is also the 35th prime, connecting to Zachary.