Monday, May 1, 2017

33 42 47 58 64 71 74 88 93 | San Diego "pool party shooting" of April 30, 2017, a drill conducted by San Diego Police

Let us begin with the word 'relaxed' emphasized.

April 30, 2017 was ideal for a shooting drill to be reported as a 'mass shooting'.

4/30/2017 = 4+30+20+17 = 71 (Forty Four = 144; Seventy One = 144)
4/30/2017 = 4+30+(2+0+1+7) = 44 (Kill) (Shooting) (Execution) (Officer) (Department)
4/30/2017 = 4+3+0+2+0+1+7 = 17 (Kill)
4/30/17 = 4+30+17 = 51 (Mass Shooting) (Conspiracy)

San Diego is a city with the familiar '74' Gematria.

'Pool' and 'Pool Party' also fits in.

Freemasonry = 58; Secret Society = 58

The pool party was for a 'birthday'.

"Terror".  Remember, that is government by intimidation.

He shot off 8 rounds, then 8 more.  '88', symbolizing time.  California = 88

Notice how the witness's name also connects to 'Saturn', the keeper of time.  They say he is from Seattle, on the 47th parallel.  Time = 47

Notice how the name Demetrius also has Gematria of '42', like 'pool part' and 'birthday', as well as 'Saturn', the keeper of time.  Think about your birthday, it is a celebration of time.

ALSO, it is interesting that they say the witness is from the Seattle area...  We'll have to look at the upcoming NFL Schedule.  Are the Seahawks and Chargers playing each other?  We know how they love to lace these stories with the sports world.  Or it could just be that it is pointing to where the next false flag is to occur.

AS FOR THE SHOOTER, Peter Selis, 49-years-old...  Washington = 49; Zimmerman = 49

We'll begin with the 47.

San Diego = 47; Policeman = 47; Authority = 47; Foundation = 47

The name Peter Selis also connects to 'law enforcement' in two ways.

'64' is often coded into the police shooting related hoaxes, and until today, I might have never documented 'Law Enforcement'.  These planned drills / hoaxes, legitimize the "need"  for police.  That' what big brother wants.

Shelley Zimmerman, in charge of overseeing the "ritual" that it is.

8 shot?  To go with the 8 shots fired, then 8 more?

And this is race based, of course.