Saturday, May 13, 2017

42 54 58 61 64 88 93 119 | Freemasonry, Solomon's Temple & the Chessboard +The film Pawn (2013)

Saturn = 93 / 119

Saturn, keeper of time, is represented with white and black.  Think about the sun, 93m miles away, which dictates day and night, light and dark, white and black.

The photo above is from the opening credits to the film Pawn, about police ripping off a restaurant that's a mafia front.  The film is set in a diner with a checkerboard floor.  We know how much Freemasonry likes its checkerboard floors, as well as Saturn.

42 Films?

The Chessboard also has a major connection to Freemasonry, which takes from Solomon's Temple, from ancient Israel, which was known for its checkerboard floor, before it was destroyed and looted.

2013 = 20+13 = 33
9/19/2013 = 9+19+20+13 = 61 (Time = 61)

Of course the name 'Pawn' correspond to 'Chess'.  Keep in mind the 'Sun', is 93m miles away...

It is interesting that in the film, actor Stephen Lang has his safe ripped off, because in another recent film in which he stars, Don't Breathe, his safe also gets ripped off.

Last point, the film is 88 minutes long.

88 = 8x8 = 64
64 spaces on the chessboard; Israel = 64; Zion = 64; Thelema = 64
'88' symbolizes the infinite loop of time...
Again, Saturn is the keeper of time....

Likely in tribute to '64', the film was released in the time of Virgo.