Friday, May 5, 2017

47 61 | John Dee and what he reminds us about English, Gematria, Math, Science & Spirituality +Advisor to Queen Elizabeth I & Inspiration for the Rosicrucians

John Dee is claimed by some to be the father of the Rosicrucian Order, and he was advisor to Queen Elizabeth I.  Whether it is true that John Dee is the father of the Rosicrucians or not, he was very much the mentor of Francis Bacon, who did become the leader of the Rosicrucians.  Plus, what Rosicrucianism is, is what John Dee was.

7/13/1527 = 7+13+15+27 = 62 (Under the Rose = 62)
7/13/1527 = 7+13+(1+5+2+7) = 35
7/13/1527 = 7+1+3+1+5+2+7 = 26
7/13/27 = 7+13+27 = 47 (John = 47) (Elizabeth = 47)

Notice how math is openly interconnected with magic, astrology and the spiritual.  This is exactly what we have been uncovering since 2013, how all of these things are purposely connected, through mathematics and numbers.

It's funny to think that Francis Bacon, or whoever that entity really is, might be responsible for the Gematria behind the English Language, and they are the same person who downplayed its relevance.  It all makes sense when you consider secrecy before honesty.

Notice also the part about how he preferred to write in English.  This was the period of history modern English was emerging.

And further, John Dee reminds us that at this period in history, the Gregorian Calendar was new, modern English was coming into place, and the Americas were being discovered.

Isn't it clear what happened in the world at this point in history?  Isn't the Gematria undeniable evidence?