Thursday, May 11, 2017

6 21 33 39 42 58 93 | Kawhi Leonard sitting out Game 6, May 11, 2017, against the Rockets +Tim Duncan retirement season reminders and Nike

For Game 6, with the Spurs leading 3-2, their star player will be out.  Today is May 11, emphasis on 5/11.

*Some say Saturn used to be the Earth's sun or "star".

Today's date has 33 numerology.

5/11/17 = 5+11+17 = 33

This news is May 11, or 5/11

Saturn is the 6th planet from the Sun.  This is Game 6.

If the Spurs win tonight, they'll close out the Series 4-2, like '42', another number representing Saturn . Leonard sitting out could be a betting trap.

They're playing the Houston Rockets, who have something to do with 'space' travel.  Remember there recent NASA tribute?

ALSO, don't forget the significancce of '21' to the Spurs and Saturn either.  The spurs emphasize the U in their name, the Horseshoe.

From today to the start of the 'Finals' is 21-days.  Remember, the Spurs won 61-games in the regular season.  Tonights win, if it comes, will be '69' for the season.

'69' wins, 21-days before the NBA Finals.  At the very least, the Spurs are being used in very symbolic fashion this evening, should they win.

They had Duncan play his last season at age 39.  39, reflection of 93

Did you know Nike is headquartered in the 33rd state Oregon, established February 14, 1859.

2/14/1859 = 2+14+18+59 = 93

The swoosh of Nike is a ring of Saturn.