Friday, July 20, 2018

13 45 197 | Tragedy in Missouri leaves 13 Ride the Ducks passengers dead in Missouri lake, July 20, 2018 news

The last time I saw a numerological tragedy story for Ride the Ducks, it was in Seattle.  It is possible there have been more since, but the Seattle incident is still on the blog.

Today it is 13 "dead ducks"...

The brand name also connects to today's date numerology, as does 'thirteen'.

197 is the 45th prime number
Thirteen = 45 / 45
7/20/18 = 7+20+18 = 45

31-people and 13-died... in a lake?  This doesn't make sense...

I don't think there is an easier vehicle to escape than a duck in such a scenario.  There are no seatbelts and no sides to enclose people.

Table Rock Lake = 44
Table Rock Lake, Missouri = 86

Update:  It is now 17-dead... Kill = 17; Mason = 17

Keep in mind 17 is the 7th prime, and here we are in the 7th month.

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