Wednesday, July 25, 2018

29 43 48 74 81 | The Greece fires of Mati which began July 23, 2018 notes

Notice the fire began in Mati of Greece.

Fire = 29; Mati = 29; Greece = 29

Another word with Gematria of 29 is 'Pyro', also equating to 74, the previos death toll.

Read about the 74 reported dead here:

Another word that ties in with the riddle is 43 for 'firemen', as well as 'Mati' and 'Greece'.

For yet another match is 'Masonic', where Masonry is the pursuit of light.

This story began July 23, 2018, a date with numerology of 48.

7/23/18 = 7+23+18 = 48 (Freemason = 48 in Hebrew and English)

As we know, the Freemasons are ritualistic, and we've seen fires by the numbers before.

And I'm sure there are some monster pieces of the puzzle I'm missing here.  I'll need to look into the history of fires in Greece.

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