Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Israel shoots down Syrian fighter jet & Trump vs. Iran continues, July 24, 2018 +Paul Ryan & Jeff Sessions bringing back 'lock her up'

First, the emphasized phrase from Iran to Trump...

Color us unimpressed = 84
Masonry = 84

Don't forget the divisors of 44, sum to 84.  Yesterday's emphasized phrase equated to 44.

Also, more Syria news.  Notice two-thirds of the top headlines are Middle East related.

Today is the 205th day of the year.  All Seeing Eye = 205 (RO)

I love how they were sure to mention they were Russian made jets.



Paul Ryan is right for once.  Trump is the online troll.

And then the 'lock her up' chant is back.  Recall, that was part of the slogan of Trump's campaign, on his way to becoming the 44th person to be President (#45).

See my older work on the Trump administration and 134.

It's a list...

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